Polyamory Protection and Protocol

Sayings aren’t just for shits and giggles, especially in this sex education realm of life. People think long and hard to come up with slogans and terminology to teach people practical sex education!

“There’s a war going on outside no one is safe from,” are the wise words from classic hip-hop poet Albert Johnson. There’s a very intelligent reason why the new protocol around barrier and barrier-free sex is that any contraceptive is basically a I-hope-this-shit-works scenario, and that we can’t really call our various levels of coital intercourse perfectly beyond any unforeseen circumstances.

There’s really no absolute guarantee there was safe sex, and we can only honor the truth that we can work hard to create an atmosphere that we are both practicing safer sex. The one “r” changes it all.

I say all this to say: being sexually safe is the PINNACLE of protecting one’s self when ascending the heights of exposure to the elements of erotic reality. Whether a webcam model, stripper, sexy bartender, porn actor or escort, if you’ve never heard about the Whorearchy, then Google that shit and throw a book inside your mindhole.

It’s a war out in the trenches of passion, and there WILL be casualties, because certain parts of sex work, porn, and polyamory connects to actual human beings! Humans with flesh and blood dis-eases. Recently I had a major moment of reflection, when one of my partners told me that she had somehow contracted an STI.

I am at the maximum effort available to offer my lovers, and in doing so, I now have MANY lovers. I immediately went to the Hassle-Free Clinic and got ready for testing, testing, blood and urine.

My lovely angel partner was as honest and forthcoming as one could have been, and it also didn’t cause any arguments or anger. The trust to love the truth will keep us together through thick and thin, fair and foul, good and evil.

I had to wait three days to find out my results, and I didn’t engage in any activity with anyone that would cause a risk in any way. Having no symptoms helped to calm down my crisis of concern.

I prepared for the worst: planning the list of how many partners I’d been with since I found out my poly partner caught an STI. I was also ready to help everyone take care of things, and be responsible and present in the entire process.

I sat in the waiting room, ready for the doc to shoot me with the truth bullets. I live inside condoms, but not all STIs are transmitted by barrier-free sex. I patiently waited… then the doctor said, “Your results are negative.”

I called my angel lover and told them, and asked how they were doing… healing and happy was the answer. I was really lucky, and truly blessed. I celebrated with some serious lovemaking that night, I’ll tell you that much!

Sincerely and safely,
Addi Stewart

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