How to Juggle Multiple Polyamory Lovers

Have You Ever Discovered Your Limit of Lovers?

I’ve almost reached my maximum capacity for relationships! How do I know? Well, there is one lover out there who I met over a month ago… that I STILL have not had time to sit down and spend a day with her.It’s brutal, but she has been very patient and respectful… so far! ONLY IN POLYAMORY would a woman who you’ve been intimate with, be calm and reserved as they bumped into youthat other person they were intimate again multiple times, and had to say “today isn’t a good day for us to continue our sexuality dream creation, as I’ve already scheduled some time with another lover! Thank you for your continued patience, angel…”

Is that possible? Yes it is. I’m living it. It’s not about numbers of lovers or notches on a belt, HELL NO. Which is why I kinda hesitate to put a number of current lovers down… ahhh, fuck it. I’m currently at the PINNACLE of my romantic reality right now, and I am the luckiest, most fortunate man I know, since I’ve been able to enjoy the heavenly erotic company of over 10 lovely earth angel women. This is where I am right now, and scheduling time for each poly lover in my life is a challenge… that I am UP FOR ACCOMPLISHING!

I have NO days off of love. Please believe it. The days I work my regular labor job, I’m off at 7, and I’m usually on a introductory rendezvous by 8 (I don’t like the word “date”) or having private personal sexual scenario unfold by 9 or 10 (such was the case just last night… and WHOA was the  sex nothing less than glorious grand and magically delicious!)

There are a few things one needs to maintain this fantasy reality: COMMUNICATION, COMPASSION, AND CRYSTAL CLEAR SEXUAL CLARITY.

I talk to all my lovers at least once a week, unless our connection isn’t as close, and then it’s probably once every two or three weeks. Some people don’t require as much emotional confirmation as others, so it’s nice to circulate yourself so you check it on everyone as much as you can… I never go through the motions though, and I don’t call people when I don’t want to talk. I call when I care to give my full attention, and if not, I text or email my current status.

I show compassion and kindness to every woman who chooses to have an intimate connection with me, because if she does, that means she’s a revolutionary romantic and doesn’t practice traditional monogamous patterns of relationship control, and insecure intimacy needing narrow boundaries. I love the women who are adventurous enough to trust me and my words of love and passion! I give all that I can to these sweet women.

And when I’m not giving words, I’m giving ACTIONS. Love is action-packed. Fear is not. And I give lots of exciting action to my lovers, as well as as much detailed internal clarity as possible to each of them, without a doubt! Do you want to know about all 10 of my lovers? Do you want to know about only the ones with children? Do you want to know about the ones over 30 or the ones under 30? Do you want to know which ones I’ve made love to the longest, or the shortest amount of time? Do you want to know about them all? Do you want to know the last time I was tested for STIs? Do you want to know what I’m doing tonight? These are all questions I’ve had to answer, and will answer, for my lovers and friends who care to know. I hide nothing, and I am ashamed of NOTHING. I cherish this existence beyond my ability to express, and I love each of the women in my life in a supremely sacred and special way. But not at the same time!

Polyamory is nothing without GOOD TIME MANAGEMENT. And you can never have enough good time management, just like you can never have enough good sex!

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In love and truth,
Addi Stewart

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