My Poly Dance Card Is Full

Have you ever reached your capacity? I haven’t as far as how much money I can make, how many places I can travel, and I DEFINITELY haven’t as far as how much sex I can experience in my life, nor how many relationships I can be a part of while taking responsibility for creating some amazing dreams.

I have so much capacity for loving more people than I was told by society that I could love. I am not and never will be a believer of “The One” Theory, where one person’s love is the best ever.

I believe there are no pedestals or levels. Everyone is different, and everyone has positives and negatives in their relationship. The person you were with for one weekend has a special thing that is unique to that situation, and the person that you were with for two decades has a special thing that is unique to that situation. There is no need to compare, not in my eyes!

But there comes a point when you do have to make certain considerations, and that’s when you are with MORE LOVERS THAN EVER BEFORE! I’m at the point in my life where I actively have more than TEN polyamorous lovers in my world. I have porn lovers, escort lovers, private lovers, public lovers, long-distance lovers, and part-time lovers—word to Stevie Wonder! So yes, my dance card is getting full.

But what does that mean? That means I’m with lovers five days a week, EVERY week. That means I don’t have a lot of time free for rescheduling if someone cancels, so they better take their time with me seriously. That means that sometimes I do see two lovers in one day, and the occasional lucky day I might just end up seeing three in a twenty-four-hour period.

I just keep spreading joy and living in the moment with them! It’s NOT recommended for the average poly practitioner, especially someone in their first year or two of poly. This takes YEARS of practicing intimate communication to reach this level of partnership where you even can find the people who are willing to try this much trust and openness with you.

I had an hour-long conversation with a lover tonight about her comfort level of being friendly with other lovers, and how she wasn’t ready to do that so fast, as it was not in her nature. And I said that was just fine, but I also was not going to feel sorry about how much I wanted to share my heart and love with other lovers, as that is MY nature!

So yes, it’s about finding the balance, and walking the line between the two. If you are lucky and fortunate enough to balance between TEN people and sustain the relationships peacefully and pleasantly, then WELCOME TO MY HEAVEN!

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