Making Poly Promises and Keeping Them

Controversy time, yo. I have a thought I’d like to share. I don’t know how true it is, and it may not be that factual, but there is some kind of correlation in my observations lately. They accumulated from the weight of my relationships, those dastardly magically delicious situations.

I was making my sex-filled schedule for the week, as I am blessed to do sometimes, and I love my blessings. The partners I have are delightful and so open minded—it’s a dream come true—but the dream sometimes gets a bit dark around the edges.

Most weeks it’s smooth sailing and sexy sunshine, but once in a while, it’s The Roots in 1999 shit: Things Fall Apart. And sometimes, it’s like Shitstorm 2018 and you’re in the eye of ground zero—plans are being abandoned, people are flaking, cats and dogs are in chaos, you’re canoeing up a creek with your hands as paddles.

How does it look? It looks like certain partners in life are not showing up when ask for connection or friendship, while it was just not too long ago when they were heading in your direction, seeking affection. I don’t get it, the disrespect is tremendous.

I took an assessment of everything happening in that clusterfuck of what the fuck, and realized that unless I was working with or for, monogamous with, or related to or close to certain partners, there was a 50/50 chance of them NOT showing up in my love life or sex life, and even friendship life.

This doesn’t apply to everyone, and it doesn’t even mean I’m negatively judging the people that inspired this information to be recognized. It was just a thing I had to become aware of, when I realized that only a rare few partners kept their word these days when it came to meeting and loving and connecting.

It sometimes takes a serious traditional commitment from me to receive the most basic respect and recognition, when it wasn’t the case when someone needed the Malcolm Lovejoy, heart-healing, super-mojo happy juice to sip.

I am overflowing with joy’s things, but where’s the reciprocation? That’s all I’m asking. I think my answer is: find the polyamorous people who take chances!

Addi Stewart

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