Long-Term Friends and Part-Time Lovers in Polyamory

It’s funny when all the cards are on the table, and people still try to play games in front of your face, ha ha! Or reveal everything but still make it complicated and unpredictable, for reasons that remain beyond your knowledge.

Let me explain. This one beautiful woman and I have had sex a few times. We are both sex workers. She is also a very spiritual woman, as am I (even though I don’t talk about it because actions speak louder than words, and I prefer to practice my sacred spirituality silently instead of spouting off loudly and egotistically… but I digress.

We have had very passionate sexual encounters, threesomes, and even some advanced and potentially life-threatening dangerous sexual fantasies together. We have also been friends for some time and worked on other things together, like photography and educating people about sex workers’ rights and the state of legal chaos around women’s rights in general. So it’s not all about sex with her, but I really do enjoy having sex with her, I’m not gonna lie!

There have been complications about our misalignments, yet we remain friends and even intimately connected people because I actually do feel love for her, which isn’t completely contingent on whether she reciprocates my sexual requests.

It’s so funny! We are both poly, and we are both open with our work and play. We are both long-term friends and part-time lovers. We have been almost enemies, but then we have forgiven each other.

Having everything out in the open means having no illusions about why anything is or isn’t happening, and that’s a blessing and a curse that only the mature can handle!

Example: getting a call to hang out on a Saturday night… her offering me a drink… dancing together… then surprisingly having her poly boyfriend come home in the middle of it to change the vibe of the evening we were sharing together… then kissing goodbye… and missing a call for sweet quality time two days later because I was at work!

We both know we don’t want the same things at the same time, but we still want each other. Dammit!

Addi Stewart

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