How to Handle and Enjoy Two Lovers in One Day

T’is the life of royalty, methinks. I sincerely swear from the center of my soul: polyamory is the perfect life for lovers and dreamers, I testify with my clitoris-tickling hand on my constantly satisfied genitals!

Polyamory that allows for days like I have had, and yet again today—two lovers in one day—is pure heaven. If there’s nothing else I could pat myself on the back for, it would be this and this alone.

I spent quality time and heavenly space with two delightfully mature women in my heart and life, and there was no sense of competition or jealousy between anyone. Even if I was alone, I would be masturbating happily, or just relaxing and thinking about the last time I had a delicious day like this, which wasn’t too long ago.

The first lover is someone who I see randomly because of their job, but the fire that is generated between us is magnetic and nuclear in its force. Wow! I love being close to her because it’s just automatic passion. She’s more traditional than many of my other lovers, but that’s nothing I judge or criticize, just acknowledge.

I spend every moment of every day enjoying each aspect of each person that interacts and expands well with myself. It’s a wonderful experience to explore every time.

So, we got together early in the day (Smart Suggestion #1: give yourself time for each rendezvous. Be generous.) and enjoyed a rich afternoon of laughter, conversation, and massage, followed by sweet smooching and sacred special sex. I simply melted into magic. We had planned an afternoon lunch date (Smart Suggestion #2: have a set schedule of some sort. Firm but flexible.) but since it was Easter Weekend, we postponed it for next time. Kiss kiss, hug hug, and she went to go.

Then I got a call from my art genius angel, and it was soon time to see her. I prepared myself in all ways that were necessary, and took her up on her offer to meet at the local park before she came by to my place to cuddle. I was thinking of something similar, but her idea (Smart Suggestion #3: briefly leave where you are or do something different to establish the second date as another memory in the same day) was goodness in action.

I went to go check up with her at the local fun zone, and we had some moments on the swings that were cool beans. We also found a kid’s coloring book with the most awesome drawings in it, OMG. Anyways, it was time to go back to my place and play “House” or “Nurse” or whatever it was the kids were calling it in my day.

After some much needed catching up, we dove deep into a super-fire, passion-melting, heaven-deluxe connection. (Smart Suggestion #4: live in the moment to maximize your happiness. Do not think about the last lover, or the next lover, especially on days like this.) We made magic until we reached the stars, and then small pieces of ourselves came back into our bodies. I’m still not all here yet.

Enough of me is here to write, with a post-bliss bubbling head of hot porridge, but I did forgot to add the part where my second lover asked, “How was your day today?” I responded, “It was great, because I saw another lover not long ago…” She was perfectly happy about it (Smart Suggestion #5: be honest as humanly possible and hide nothing relevant to the truth of the relationship’s boundaries. Just do it. Poly Law.)

Everyone lived happily ever after—I swear it’s true. No hiding, no lying, no conniving, and no spying. I hope those struggling with unhealthy drama read this and see some light in it, enough to show them how to make paradise-passionate sex with two lovers, only hours apart! It’s a timeless dream life.

Addi Stewart

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