How I Spread Love to My Many Poly Valentines

How do you choose who you spend The Big Ones with? There are certain days of the year when some lovers feel a need to be put first, and want to be focused upon in a special way, with gifts, attention, and quality time.

So, here you are, entering a new decade. You had a great January, and maybe you have four or five lovers at your fingertips as the year and decade commences.

You spent the first month of the new era in a swirling bliss of sexual situations, almost too plentiful for you to navigate. One of them even had some turmoil and trouble that you had to step back from and deal with for a couple days, but things worked out and you’re back on track.

But you ALSO got a shout out from a few ex-lovers who you never expected to hear from again! And then February arrives, and you start getting that itchy feeling down the back of your neck. You KNOW one of them is going to “pop the question” as it were. Someone’s going to want the Valentine’s Day MAGIQUE!

What would YOU do if THREE of your lovers asked to spend Valentine’s Day with you? Let me know in the comments if you want to share your solution!

I know what I would do, and what I always do. I treat Valentine’s Day the exact same as any other day of the year for the most part, and I let time be the judge of who I spend the day with. Unless I’ve made any EXTREME promises for private personal reasons, I simply go with the theory and practice I use for the entire year: first come, first served!

Whoever asks me first to do something while I’m holding my pen and looking at my calendar is the one who is probably going to wind up doing something with me that particular day. And I’m honestly not going to invest any extra energy into the day.

Well, I may do ONE little thing that I might not normally do, but I TRULY try to live by the theory and practice that EVERY DAY IS VALENTINE’S DAY! I don’t like to separate any day from any special day, separate any lover from any other lovers! That’s true equality and true balanced love to me!

That doesn’t mean that the luck of the draw won’t allow something to happen on that day that we choose to take part in and make it a special moment for us. But honestly, that can happen at any point in time!

I could be with a lover on March 6 and come across something amazing while walking down the street, which makes that day unforgettable and special to us both. So it’s not the day that matters most, but the love and happiness you share with your lovers.

I had passionate sex almost every single day this week, and I went to the biggest orgy birthday party of my entire life! I was part of a supreme dedication to love and polyamory and sharing passion with unlimited desire! I hope you experience the same kind of joy all year! And if not every day, then make your own new holidays of hope and happiness to feel alongside the days everyone is expected to buy flowers and candy for their lovers.

Spread joy,
Addi Stewart

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