Are Fluid Bonded Relationships Possible?

Couple Having Sex

This is maybe the most personal choice any person can make in their sexual adventurous life on this planet: CONDOMS OR NO CONDOMS? Pill or no pill? Safe sex or rhythm method?!

I’m not one to tell you or anyone else how to operate their genitalia and the guard procedures that govern its good times, but I know what Mother Nature says is real about STIs because I’m a porn star and sex worker. So yeah, I don’t fuck around with what I fuck around with. But that doesn’t mean I don’t fuck around with joy.

I’m talking about my fluid-bonded relationship today, and how I’ve managed to have a fluid-bonded relationship even while polyamorous.

If you’re not sure what fluid bonding is, see our article Fluid Bonding for Intimacy and Pleasure.

How I Manage a Fluid-Bonded Relationship

I have chosen one person to have unprotected sex with out of all my poly partners, and I NEVER, EVER, N-E-V-E-R EVER forget to wear condoms with all my other wonderful lovers.

To be as safe as humanly possible, I have agreed to only be fluid-bonded to this one partner, so we can have wild and endless sex with each other. Even though she does have a few other partners she sometimes talks to, I trust her and she trusts me to only have unprotected sex with each other.

We both have our own personal reasons why we give each other this trust, and that will vary from person to person if such a privileged blessing is allowed.

Every once in a while she questions whether I am keeping my promise to only have unprotected sex with her, since I’m so obviously having sex with many women. And I swear on every thing that is holy and unholy in this and any other parallel universe: I ALWAYS use condoms with ALL my other lovers. Every. Single. Time.

I do not play around with my junk bits! I do porn. My dick is my money maker, and my body is my future. I don’t have the desire to throw it all away for an easy and irresponsible orgasm, especially one that would mess up a perfectly passionate and super sexual relationship with a wonderful woman who understands and accepts me as I am… raw and open!

Being fluid bonded while being poly is a miracle that I hope everyone gets to enjoy responsibly. It’s the finest of sexxxy wine that life has to offer… for my love taste buds.

Want to know more about fluid bonded relationships? Read: Fluid Bonding Benefits & Considerations

Addi Stewart

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