Connections I Share with My 65-Year-Old Lover

I have a special lover in my life, and out of all the polyamorous relationships I’ve ever had, this one is something that is more along the lines of “script for a movie” or “nearly implausible scenario.”

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But this relationship is developing nicely into its fourth year now, and there really isn’t any sign of it declining or stopping. It’s a glorious situation in love and life to learn from and live in, and I thank the heavenly stars for the chance to feel it flourish.

I’m talking about my relationship with my 65-year-old lover. She is so many wonderful things to me, it’s a marvel to behold. I met her on the nude beach of Hanlan’s Point, and I could not stop looking at her. She had electric blue hair, wild sparkling eyes, a sexy saunter down the beach, a deliciously voluptuous body, and a smile that was a million-watts bright.

I just had to say something to this magnetic woman before the day was done. And she had this super cute little scruffy puppy that was all white and fun and wild! I am not even much of a dog lover, but I like them, and this dog was instantly friendly with me when she walked by. Good sign.

By the end of the day on the beach, we had spoken for hours, we had shared beer, we had discovered mutual personal values, and the laughter just didn’t stop rolling out of my mouth and heart. I found her so hilarious! So yes, I took a swing, and asked for her number. I got it, and we stayed in touch.

Now, upon reflecting on the relationship we’ve had for the last few years, I wanted to speak about the journey our hearts have been on together, and how many different incarnations of relationship we have experienced. It began as friends, then we became lovers eventually (through some hilarious conversations about my porn star past, and my escorting escapades), and we began to really enjoy the sexual chemistry that was bubbling up between us. I adored it so very much, and kept in touch quite literally.

Age ain’t nothing but a number for real, and anyone who thinks a sex life doesn’t continue joyfully for someone in their 60’s is not aware of the truth of sexuality being infinitely timeless and beautiful! If you want it to be, of course. And the beautiful thing is, it kept evolving. I started to get a little sick from some down times in employment, and she began to inviting me over for some home-cooked food. This food was heart-healing magic that made my body uplifted magnetically! Oy vay was it ever deeeelishus!!

So yes, we began to have a very intimate relationship where we were feeding each other both food and conversation on a level that was quite passionate. The meals got extravagant and never failed to touch my soul through my stomach. It was very vital to me.

Then, a tragedy happened in her family, and she had to leave for a while. So, we stayed in touch through postcards, which became a tradition she began. I was so happy to receive her handwritten letters in the mail, and stay in touch with her through the dark times as well as the happier days we shared before.

When she returned, things were different, but not in a detrimental way. It was just about rebuilding from scratch, with new emotions in place, since her family situation was so severe, and impactful. Our sexual intimacy went down, but our friendship strengthened. It was more of a priority for me to be a comrade in the struggle of life and death with her at that time, than to be a lover in her arms.

We have different appetites for sexuality, so we found a new balance, and I was fed off her kindness and life insight. Lo and behold, the world goes to shit. And next, we find ourselves connected politically and socially, marching in a few rallies together, including the Woman’s March in January, when Trump won America’s fate, ugh. From a few months before that, we really found ourselves bonding and building political perspectives and philosophies, sometimes disagreeing, but still admiring the education that came with a variant perspective. So many levels we got to connect on, truly.

And then, shockingly, we had our most explosive sexual reawakening this year, and experienced a night together that I could have never imagined! So before I get lost in the dream of that moment, I will just end off by saying: she’s been so many wonderful things to me. And also polyamorous the whole time! She has daughters that are my age… and she’s so awesome, she once made a joke about me having sex with her daughter! I laughed so hard.

Life can be beautiful.

Addi Stewart

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