Meeting Your Needs through Multiple Partners

When I met Tina she told me she had another man she was dating. I thought I could steal her from him, because she and I had such a connection. I figured naturally she’d want to give him up. Not so.  She told me that she liked him, and that while he didn’t fulfil her totally, he did give her certain things.

“I love talking to you about art,” she said, “and I like it when you cook for me… but sometimes I want to go camping. Sometimes I want to go to the bar and do shooters. I want to go and watch a superhero movie. You hate that stuff.”

“I don’t want him as my boyfriend,” she went on, “I just want to do something different once or twice a month, change things up and visit someone else for a night. You should do the same.”

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I’d never been involved in a thing like that, but despite all my catholic training about the sanctity of relationships and so on, I honestly couldn’t see the problem.I wanted to see the problem, but I couldn’t squeeze myself into that box. As long as everyone played safe, I just couldn’t fathom what was so wrong with it.

By the by, I even met this guy, Jimmy. I thought it would be strange, but as soon as we shook hands I was fine. Meeting him, and knowing we weren’t enemies, but actually shared a passion for Tina, made everything seem totally chill. We all went out for dinner together and had a great time. I’d even come out and wish the two a great evening when he came by to pick her up for a date.

A few months later, I started getting close with this woman at the office, Brenda. We ended up working a lot of late hours together and things got flirtatious. We ended up kissing one night, talking in the cooler room, and then she pulled away… worried that I had a girlfriend and that things could get fucked up.

“I like you,” said Brenda, but this is going to end badly.” I told her I was in an open relationship, but she didn’t believe me. “They all say that,” she said. I told her I would bring a note from Tina, saying it was okay for me to mess around with other ladies. This made her laugh. She told me that if I actually produced a note like that, she would fuck me right there on the counter beside the water cooler.  

The next night, while she bent over the counter to look at the note in the florescent light I pulled up the back of her dress, rolled one on, and took her. It was incredibly hot. Eventually Brenda started coming round to hang out with us. She even took a bubble bath with Tina, while we were all drunk. We are talking up the idea of a foursome sometime soon. I’ll let you know how things develop.

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