Spanking Tips for Poly Couples and Throuples

It was almost thirty years ago that Madonna shocked the world with her sexpot alter ego (one of them!) Breathless Mahoney. In “Hanky Panky” she sings playfully in defense of her desire to be spanked.

“Some girls, they like candy, and others, they like to grind, I’ll settle for the back of your hand somewhere on my behind.”

You know what I say to that? Your wish is my command!

Spanking is a common turn on, and most of us have found the idea creep into our fantasies or playtime. The playful power dynamics, the “I’ve been a naughty girl” scenario, the versatility of it, the taboo nature, and the increased blood flow to the pelvic region when on the receiving end all contribute to the thrill.

For poly couples and throuples (and any other variation that describes you), spanking can be an exciting but simple addition to the repertoire.

Here are some tips for a great spanking experience.

Spanking Tips for Couples & Throuples

Put safety first.

To the uninitiated, it doesn’t hurt to watch a helpful instructional video from someone experienced, even though common sense goes a long way.

It goes without saying that spanking someone’s ass is a lot different from beating them, but since it can be incorporated as part of more extreme BDSM, if you are new to these things, ask a friend or watch a video.

Switch sides.

Maybe nothing makes your dick get as hard as your two partners naked and using your butt as a ping pong table, but we can all stand to broaden our horizons. Experimenting with giving AND receiving can unleash unexpected discoveries.

Experiment with role plays.

There are so many scenarios where spanking can spice up the story. Role play is an unlimited doorway to incredible sex—even if you can’t keep a straight face during important dialogues, laughter releases endorphins and frees your imagination.

Throuples benefit from roleplaying with a broader range of roles.

For example, the schoolmistress enters the classroom in stilettos and a pencil skirt, and finds you with your hand up the jumper of your playground pals. She’s got that ruler in her hand and you’ve got a detention due. Or the principal comes in to find the teacher and her college assistant in a compromising position. He promises not to tell if she’ll get half undressed and spank both of you.

Use anticipation to build arousal.

It doesn’t matter what kind of roll in the hay you’ve got ahead of you—a no-frills spanking, something more kinky, or she’s just pulling out the same red dress that has been getting you off since you met in high school—thinking of it in advance amps up the volume on your desire and arousal levels.

Send suggestive sexts to your lovers the day before, planting a thrill in their minds. Or use the spanking itself to draw out a session. Instead of a slap-and-go scenario, get tied to the kitchen chair, and let your partners stop by now and again with the spatula throughout the afternoon as they go about other household duties.

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