5 Oral Sex Positions for Orgasmic Results

Are you looking for new oral sex positions to try out? Or unsure how to even begin to please your partner orally?

“If you’re not fired up with enthusiasm, you will be fired with enthusiasm!” This is a coaching philosophy, but it also applies to oral sex—do it WITH PASSION or don’t do it at all!

So with that being said, I have collected some creative positions for you to indulge in for top-choice results. Some couples use oral sex as a brief interlude in their journey, while others use oral sex as a final destination of the night’s motions.

As part of the endurance test, ask yourself: How much do you LIKE to eat pussy or suck dick, and how joyfully will you take the opportunity and serve?

And please don’t think of this test as a thing to avoid or skip out on one day! No, this is for those who WANT the pleasure of offering orgasmic satisfaction, and are willing to do what it takes to bring their partner there.

Let us examine some inspiring scenarios for oral sexual intimacy.

Oral Sex Positions for Women and Men

1. Spread Leg Finger Fuck

Lay her or them down on their back on a soft surface with wide access for you, and let them point their legs at a 45-degree angle, like a pyramid top.

Spread the legs as comfortably as they will open willingly and painlessly, so the oral administrator can also introduce their finger dexterity into the pussy or ass of the oral recipient! One hand spreads the genitals open while the other is playing, tickling, tugging, and massaging. Alternately the mouth is licking and probing.

This energetic, back-and-forth offering of unwavering attention and intimate intention should be sufficient to bring the first of many explosively orgasmic results!

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2. Doggy Style Eat from Behind

Oral sex can bring us to more kinky and connective positions, and this is one of those times without question. Have the oral receiver crouch on the bed on hands and knees, and just wait, prone to being puckered-up with pleasure. The oral administrator then crawls from behind and gently munches and devours the pussy or ass of the receiver.

This requires trust on both ends, and some people might find this position too vulnerable to either give or receive in. Their choice. For those who want to, eating genitals from the back in doggy is primal oral-sex action, and can turn things very wild very fast!

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3. Facesitting Fun

Want a hot-ass sex position to drive you nuts? Let her pussy straddle your face while you lay on your back on the bed or on the floor. With this position, it’s easy to put your whole mouth over her clit or vulva, and let it push its way into your mouth. You can “tongue fuck” in this position if your tongue is long and/or strong enough, but it requires stamina and focus not to choke on saliva or get a tongue cramp!

The facesitting position is one of the best positions in the world to allow someone to squirt directly into their mouth, It’s happened multiple times in my experience, because of the direct tongue-pussy connection. Of course, this can be done to anyone’s genitals, but results will vary as far as squirting goes. The top also can also GRAB the bottom’s head, and grind their tongue in if that’s on the menu.

4. Submissive Pleasing

Wanna do a classic porn move or re-enact something you’ve seen a hundred times in sexy Hollywood movies? Assume the position: One person kneels while the other person receiving oral stands before them, perhaps semi-straddling.

This position naturally encourages dominance, with the standing partner being able to manipulate the other’s head very freely, push their pelvis into the face, muss up their hair, and look deeply into their eyes from above while getting sucked off or eaten out.

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5. Cock Backwards

This one is a new one for some people, and it’s highly recommended for adventurous types and people who LOVE sucking dick in various ways. Have the person with the dick get on their hands and knees comfortably on a bed, where the other person can approach them from behind. This also requires trust and real flexibility from the penis-owner.

The giver from behind will GENTLY pull the penis downwards and backwards, possibly on their knees, behind the person in doggy style. It takes some unique pulling and positioning on the penis to suck a dick from behind, and also requires a dexterous dick! Not all people will want their cocks pulled “backwards” but some will be like, “OMG, you can suck my dick from behind? And yeah, can you play with my balls while you’re back there.”

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When you want to take your oral sex positions to new heights, combine carnal creative thoughts with your friends and lovers! We didn’t even get into the 69 sex position!

Happy mouth sexing…
Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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