FFFM Foursome Tips for the Man

FFFM foursomes are the rarest of group sex opportunities. As someone who has been the only man of multiple women’s sexual attention, I will say it’s a magical and wonderful experience.

For those who are daring to dream to be the M in the FFFM foursome, please don’t let it go to your head! The best way to not disappoint three women in one evening (instead of just disappointing one, ha ha) is to be generous.

Give give give when you look around and see six breasts, three vulvas, six arms and legs, and such a blissful heavenly offering. Go in there trying to give all three women as much equal attention and affection as you can… but not all at the same time, of course!

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Everyone kissing each other would be a wonderful thing to see. Everyone touching each other’s genitals would be very lovely to experience. Everyone performing oral would be simply magnificent. The M having penetrative sex with every F would be a dream supreme extreme.

And that same M sitting back touching himself and watching the women play in an FFF threesome would be absolutely immaculate, wouldn’t it? I think so, and I know so, because I’ve done it! Here’s some tips to kickstart your FFFM foursome paradise.

Threesome of women Lying in Bed with Legs Up

4 FFFM Threesome Tips and Ideas

1. It’s Not about You

Unless this is some kind of special birthday surprise or it’s planned that you lay back to be the focus of three women, be an active playmate.

Use your arms to caress multiple bodies as generously as you can. Keep them moving, but not too fast and not too slow. It’s a bacchanal free-for-all, so try your best to split your sexual energy between all three women, but don’t think, okay, it’s been one minute with one, now on to the next.

Do let yourself be touched and celebrated as well, because you will bring something to the table, ahem bed, that nobody else does. But remember, it’s not about you! Pleasure your partners like you’ve never done before. Try moves or kinks that are new, be open to what is suggested or asked of you.

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2. Never Stop Communicating

Engage in meaningful pre-foursome conversation, but don’t’ talk so much that you talk yourself out of it! Three women? There will be a group chat! If not that specifically, there will be lots and lots of text messages. Hopefully, and as it should be!

Nobody should be left out when planning the basics of the sexual gathering, such as those invited, date, location, and time. Of course, there are going to be separate discussions and connections and relationships between those involved, and they don’t have to all be shared fully.

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Beyond the basics, you want to share your expectations, boundaries and limits. It can really spoil a mood if limits are shouted out during sexy time. Everyone needs to say what is allowed and what is NOT allowed for them personally, and what level of sexual discretion is expected.

If y’all are serious about making an FFFM foursome really happen, just make sure it’s not all talk, no action.

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FFFM foursome in bed.

3. Protection, Protection, Protection

I an FFFM foursome, there are concerns about sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and pregnancy, so PLEASE have all the protection you need to make this foursome fun, and not a messy aftermath. You can never have two many condoms at any group sex gathering, on top of other protections people like to employ.

Talk about who is cool about using what and whose sex toys will have condoms on them. There also may be concerns about menstruation with three women, so aligning the timing where everyone feels comfortable, safe and protected, is important.

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4. Bring Toys and Accessories

Dicks aren’t everything, but penetration will be desired by some. In FFFM foursomes, unless the man plans on fucking while fisting and fingering everyone else at the same time (which is really hardcore and fucking hot, but extremely physically challenging), I suggest toys find their way into the fun.

There obviously are many types of toys that can enhance a foursome besides dildos and vibrators, so be sure to mention your favorite group-sex accessories in the planning stages.

It’s a lucky M who gets to eat a triple serving of pussy, and I love being that guy! I wish you the best foursome you can have together, wonderful friends.

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