Foursome Positions for Kinky Couples

Get creative with some new foursome positions.

A wonderful random sexual statistic is that between a male-identified and a female-identified person there are 700+ sexual positions!

I wonder if anyone has done them all, ha ha! I’m sure there are some who have gotten at least halfway there. We can fuck in a lot of different ways, and the math multiplies magnificently when we are in a foursome! All it takes is a couple of couples, and you have a foursome.

If your foursome is queer friendly, then it further multiplies the sexual and intimate options you have to explore and engage in. Not everyone might want to interact with each other even if everyone is queer and/or bi-curious, but with four people having fun together, you don’t really need everyone to kiss or penetrate one another to have lots of fun.

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Foursomes can include all forms of interactivity, like oral sex, kissing, fingering, massaging, masturbating, and even cuddling. Though for the sake of exploring the maximum pleasure we can manifest and imagine, I’d like to suggest four amazing positions for you to try with your friends if you want to take things to kinky levels of foursome funkyness.

Foursome Sex Position Ideas

These foursome positions have infinite variations as well, so feel free to twist and turn your way into new permutations while in the act.

1. Parallel Doggy Style

Two participants get in doggy style position, hands on knees side by side, and have the penetrators assume the position behind them.

This is a simple position, but I suggest it for a few reasons. Doggy can be an energetic position, and if both people are fucking hard and in rhythm, it can get intense. And if you add both people on their knees being able to kiss, OR both the people behind them ALSO being able to kiss, while they are both fucking… then you see the potential.

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2. Parallel Woman on Top

I could not and would not suggest one submissive thing without suggesting its dominant foursome opposite! Therefore, if the move above is too submissive for the women, then flip it around and have both men lying on their backs, while both ladies straddle their erections from top-control position.

The women can both be facing the men laying down, or turn around and make it reverse cowgirl style if they want. Both people are equally accessible to kiss the person beside them if they so choose, which makes this position four times as hot, but it doesn’t have to happen.

The can play with their partner’s OR the other partner’s clitoris while they face forward, so things can get creative!

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3. Face-Up Face-Down Double Doggy

This foursome position is a tongue twister to say, and it may feel like you’re actually playing Twister! This one is REALLY hot, but also works best with people whose bodies fit together very snugly and equally. If someone is very tall, this can be a challenge in a couples foursome.

It begins with one bottoming person in doggy style and the other bottoming person on their back facing upwards, directly underneath the person in doggy (pseudo-missionary position). The people penetrating will then come from behind the person in doggy style, and into the person on their back in missionary, and let the fucking commence!

From there, the person in doggy can kiss the person being fucked in missionary, and also the person fucking in missionary. The person in missionary can give oral sex to the person in doggy, and give oral sex to the person fucking in doggy.

There are all kinds of wonderful connections that can come about from this sex Tetris interlocking position.

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4. Cross-Bridge Cuddle Four-Way Fuck

This one is simple, but hard to explain, and a very creative foursome position. Shoutout to my sexy lover who told me about it! One person gets on their hands and knees and arches their back as high as they can while still being in a comfortable position that can sustain rear penetration.

The other bottom then gets under the arched person, except they go under them perpendicular so one person’s head is pointed north and their ass is pointed south. The other person under them has their head pointed west, with their ass pointed east.

Both of them can kiss each other while the other people are penetrating them from behind. Win-win-win-win for everyone, yay!

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Happy foursome exploring!

Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart

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