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Boost Your Dating Confidence

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We all go through dating highs and lows, and sometimes you have to fake the confidence, especially after your heart has been broken, until you feel it for yourself again. Instead of sulking behind closed doors and swearing off the dating game, try these tips and strategies to give that dating confidence a boost.

You Are Worth It!
You may have to say this to yourself over and over before you believe it, but it’s true. You deserve to be with someone who treats you with respect and love. Don’t settle.

Treat Yourself
Give yourself a little makeover not because you need it but because it will make you feel good. Quick fixes include facials, pedicures, massages, haircuts, and new clothing.

Surround Yourself with Good People
Choose to spend your time with upbeat friends and family. Take stock of the people in your life and what they add to your happiness. Positive energy attracts positive people.

Chase Your Dreams
Instead of moping about being single, use the extra time on your hands to pursue your passions. Not only does being good at something build confidence, it is also a very attractive quality.

This is essential for those who have not dated in a long time. The more dates you go on, the easier it is to deal with rejection. If your dating pool isn’t deep, join an online site. The first few dates will likely be awkward, but as you progress you will begin to recognize what you want and don’t want.

New Means New
When looking for a new partner, don’t think about your past relationships. Trying to replace your last love with someone similar spells trouble. Embrace the uniqueness in others.

Explore Opportunities
When you’re invited to a get together, go, even if you’re feeling down. You never know who is waiting just around the corner. We often find our partners when we least expect it.

Let Go
Dwelling on past relationships and wondering where things went wrong is a sure way of eroding self-confidence. There are usually no simple answers as to why a partnership didn’t work – why drive yourself crazy?

Remind yourself what you have to offer a potential mate. This will come in handy when writing or revising an online profile. Don’t be shy when talking about your positive qualities. Ask a close friend for help; we don’t always see ourselves through the same lens as others.

Do Polys tend to have more dating confidence than monogamous people?

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