Best Positions for Specific Sex Situations

Everyone has their favorite sex position, the one that work best for you. Most of us also like to experiment with variations to switch things up and enjoy different sensations and power dynamics.

But did you know that changing sex positions can solve certain sex problems? There are challenges and benefits to every position, and those benefits are useful to satisfying sex when there are specific obstacles or concerns.

Since polyamorous people are often intimate with many lovers, you may experience unique situations with different partners. Keep this guide handy.

Best Sex Position when…

You’re Madly in Love

Raunchy, dirty, animalistic positions are a hot part of sex. But if you’re deeply in love, nothing beats the classic missionary position.

This is the most intimate and emotional possibility for sex. Both man-on-top and woman-on-top allow for face-to-face intensity, eye contact, and endless kissing.

You Have Erection Issues

If your dick isn’t cooperating, all the focus and attention of face-to-face sex might not be what you need. See if the less-personal, rear-entry position can help. You get that view of her spread open, and you can finger her while you jack yourself to the sight of her ass jiggling.

Without her staring at your cock and waiting for it to work, it will spring to life a lot faster.

She Has Orgasm Issues

Her straddling you gives you both free hands to play with her clitoris, and she gets to control the depth, intensity, and rhythm.

You’re on the Smaller Size

If you’re worried that you’re not packing all that she needs, just make sure you include a lot of doggie-style sex positions. This allows for the deepest penetration, so that she can experience you to the fullest.

Make sure you don’t allow your worries to get in the way of other positions, however. It’s hard for many women to climax this way. But don’t be shy—ask her what feels best. Don’t put yourself down—just be pragmatic and candid, so that she feels comfortable asking for what she wants.

You Have Flexibility or Pain Issues

Young folks might not want to think about getting old, but older folks of all ages report a continued interest in sex and often rate later sex as the best ever.

If you and your partner are older, you may experience problems with arthritis or joint pain. Vigorous fucking might be more of a fantasy than a reality, but regular sex is extremely beneficial to longevity, pain control, and keeping that body in working order.

Standing sex can be an amazing position for problems associated with age, like arthritis. Kneeling can be very painful, but the same hot positions, like missionary or doggie style can happen standing. She can bend over easily with a supported surface such as a sofa, or hold tight to a counter. You can stand behind her and not strain your knees at all.

Your Partner Is Queen or King Size

Most positions can work for larger men or women with some modification. If both of you are on the heavier side, doggie style with you standing can work wonders. She can support herself with pillows while on all fours on the bed, and you can stand behind her to give it your all.

If on the mattress, she’s not matching up to you, stand on a cushion or stack yoga blocks until you get the right connection.

What positions work best for your particular situation? Please share in the comments!

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