Attention and Focus in Poly Relationships

There are levels to this trick of disappearing from others when you are with your lovers! It all depends. I usually have one five-minute segment where I return all texts and voicemail, send out a few thoughts and do some simple connections that might have to be made, when I’m having a day-long date with a lover.

I do my very best to NOT concentrate on any other lovers or communications with different partners, when I’m with a lover. When I’m by myself? I’ll text three or four lovers at a time, and not think twice. Various people will respond when they have time to, but when I’m with a special someone. I don’t respond to texts, I don’t pick up phone calls with other lovers or most business calls unless it’s an emergency, and I only take certain family calls.

I do my best to not interrupt my time with my amours, and not give them any broken attention spans where I’m only half present, and half on my phone to any other lovers or potential poly partners.

That’s just how I manage my time, with and without my poly lovers. What do you do when you’re with a partner and the phone rings? And it’s someone sexy?

Addi Stewart

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