5 Kinks that Work for Poly Lovers

Polyamory means the more the merrier—sometimes more people, sometimes more kinky fun!

5 Kinks to Try with Your Poly Partners

1. Age Play

When we have only one relationship at a time, we naturally tend to ignore all the other kinds of relationships available. A person might date someone much older or younger, but it’s still not super common.

In poly relationships, we’re more likely to have actual variety in our bonds. The diversity might be body type, cultural and ethnic background, age, earning demographic, faith, etc.

In kink, “age play” is when we experiment with transgressing common boundaries surrounding age. It’s usually about role playing and power dynamics.

Since polyamorous people often date folks of radically different age groups, real differences can jazz up the role play.

2. Cuckolding

You are probably super turned on by the idea of your wife or date fucking somebody else. It might not make sense unless you know that it revs up testosterone and sperm count in male animals too.

It’s a very hot fantasy even if you never “go all the way.” Monogamous couples play cuckolding games as role play or just as fantasy, talking about it in detail to turn them both on while they fuck.

But the cuckolding kink is outstanding for poly folks who can actually enact it for real.

Of course, the wife isn’t cheating here. But you can pretend she is for fuel for the fantasy, or better yet, get off watching it happen up close for real.


BDSM is incredible for two and can only get better with more.

Some poly people have multiple partners, but not at the same time, and some enjoy threesomes and group sex regularly.

All of these variations work great with BDSM simply because it’s an elaborate world of theater and drama. It’s an exploration of power, pain, and pleasure. It’s not just about one act or session, but about ongoing dynamics.

Therefore, any arrangement of people can work. A dominant woman can have multiple servants at the same time, or at different times.

Folks who enjoy playing both dominant and submissive will find that polyamory is more conducive to their diversity than dating one on one, because it’s most likely that when there is “one” other, that person will be either dom or sub. In poly, they can date a variety to fulfill those roles.

4. Pregnancy/Lactation Fetish

Not all polyamorous arrangements are communal or family oriented. Most people think of “free sex or free love” when they think poly, but family-broadening, earthy, agricultural, communal “hippie” kinds of open relationships are as old as the hills.

Different cultures and communities all over the world through all times have had various arrangements of non-monogamy in order to expand the family and take care of land. Sometimes these arrangements have been associated with both mainstream or offbeat cult religions, and sometimes its been more about organic food farming, but the free love was all about a big family, not partner hopping with strangers at a city nightclub.

Those involved in large communal families are in the perfect position to indulge pregnancy and lactation fetishes, or just be open enough to enjoy sex and group sex when women are in those life stages.

5. Role Playing

Role playing is for everyone. It can be super kinky or it can just be super imaginative. It can be hardcore or tame. Doesn’t matter. There are enough role playing scenarios to suit every kind of lover.

Role playing is endless with scenarios for two, but there are even more possibilities for elaborate acting out in a group dynamics.

Instead of just the boss and secretary, for example, there could be the customer interrupting them in the offic. Instead of the doctor and patient, there could be a room full of nurses, surgeons, and anesthesiologists. Instead of landlord and tenant, there could also be a plumber, electrician, and painter… you get the idea!

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