4 Reasons Why Online Dating is Perfect for Finding a Third

Have you and your partner been toying with the idea of a threesome, but you don’t know how to get things started? You could approach Susan at work to see if she’s up for it. She was flirty with you and your wife at the office Christmas party, and you did overhear her mention something about a sex club in the break room last week.

But wait—that’s a horrible idea. You could get fired or hit with a sexual harassment suit, or both. In fact, asking just about anyone you know in real life if they want to engage in group sex is bound to end badly. Go online instead!

4 Reasons to Use Online Dating for Threesomes

1. It’s Discreet

When it comes to finding that special someone to fulfill your threesome dreams, discretion matters. Online dating is great for maintaining privacy because it can be done behind closed doors and without exposing too much of who you are in real life. Be sure to use an online dating handle that expresses what you’re seeking—or what you have to offer—but still protects your anonymity, and never out someone you meet online without their permission.

Revealing too much about yourself (or others) on a dating site can be dangerous, both from a safety and career standpoint, so keep your profile focused on what you’re seeking and avoid too many self-identifying details.

2. You Can Do It As a Couple

Finding a third is hard work. First, you and your partner need to feel comfortable with, and attracted to, the person you choose to fuck. Second, you have to ensure that everyone is on the same page in terms of desires and expectations. The whole thing requires a lot of consensus and communication, so going online as a couple is really the best way to do it.

Make a date of searching the site together! Use the opportunity to bond as a couple and to get excited about living out your fantasies. Some couples choose to make a joint profile, while others prefer to each have their own. Figure out what works for you, and start from there.

3. You Can Use a Niche Dating Site

Sites like CouplesDating.com and FindaThreesome.com are great places to go looking for a third. Because they cater to people who want group sex, you can skip the whole, overly detailed preamble required on mainstream dating sites, explaining what you want, and admitting that it might be a little “out there.”

With niche dating sites, there’s no need to put people at ease about your kinks because everyone is just as freaky as you. You won’t have to read between the lines to guess if someone is adventurous enough to join you and your partner for some hot, dirty fun. You’ll already know they are!

4. You Can Dive Deep into Your Fantasies before You Meet

Online dating offers a prime opportunity to really express yourself—and your needs—fully. Go into lots of detail about your fantasies. Why are you seeking a third in the first place? Do you want to role play a specific sexy scenario? If so, describe it! Put it all out there so that your ideal match can find you. If going that deep on your profile feels scary, leave some hints about what’s to come and encourage those interested to message you.

The relative anonymity of online correspondence makes it easier to open up about sexy things. Build the excitement before the date with steamy sexts! Even exchange dirty pics (with consent of course.) Set the tone for the evening ahead of time, then enjoy yourselves completely in the moment.

Have you found a third online? Share your story in a comment!

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