Truth and Lies in Online Hookups

How Many Chances Do You Give?

Plenty of Fish, Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, MYSPACE… which of these have you used to hook up?!

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Don’t feel ashamed, good friend. I was on the internet in 1997 when ANYONE that spoke to another human on there was AUTOMATICALLY considered a creepazoid deluxe-edition cyberstalker lunatic. And honestly, it was never something that worked for me. Not then, not now.

But it works for some people! There wouldn’t be millions of users on these social media outlets if there wasn’t like, hundreds (Thousands? Are you that lucky?) of hookups happening there. But this disposable form of connection, where someone is forgotten as fast as swiping their face off the screen of your cellphone, just isn’t working for everyone trying to get it to work, dammit!

And thus, we get some really fucked-up stories in the process, of dudes straight threatening women through some online trolling or even face-to-face. And who knows the statistics of good vs. bad interactions online OVERALL. Like, if it was scientifically proven to be worse for online websites to exist than if they didn’t exist, would we be smart enough to get rid of them? I doubt it, but I like to hope that some of us would attempt being that wise!

Probably wouldn’t happen, and some douchebag would exploit our desire to be together for cold, hard cash. ¬†That’s a guarantee, I would bet!

I say all this to say: how many chances do you give people before you ABANDON the potential of everything you both could have created and dreamed together? Three texts? Five missed phone calls? One day of texts? One creepy email? What would make you change your values and amount of acceptance of other people’s transgressions against a crystal clear connection?

Some people don’t have the time to wait for ANYONE except the most desirable on the social media index, and it’s whatever. Are they happy? Only they know. Are they rich, maybe, but is money more important than love? Not to me. I’d rather have a real relationship taking Instagram pictures around fake money, than have a fake relationship posted on Instagram taking pictures around real money.¬†

Anyways, I just want to know what, where, why, and how you choose your Rules of Engagement. Was it your first girlfriend in high school’s crazy arguments that make you hate picking up the phone, and the reason why you only give one damn chance to someone.

Some people will chase their partner down with twenty emails and the second one isn’t even replied to. Do you ONLY give your Facebook page? Only give your phone number to the sexiest people you see on a Friday night? Do you give out fake numbers? Do you only Snapchat now? It’s all fucked up.

Are you fucking is the only question we’re trying to answer. And I hope you answer it as fast as you can, without even waiting for a second text!

In love and direct truth,
Addi Stewart

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