The Truth about a Tight Vagina

It’s an essential of dirty talk—dropping the descriptive “tight” into a mouthful of expletives. Just saying “tight pussy” is enough to amp things up. But why?

Singer Popcaan begs, “Come give me the tight pussy wine.” Not to be outdone, Mavado sings, “Tight pussy on my mind.” Lil Wayne mentions, “You get hard dick all day, pussy always tight.” You get the idea.

When you penetrate a woman, you likely expect to feel her surrounding you.

There are also cultural and social implications. A “tight” pussy is virginal and young, not yet “worn in.” In this cultural mythology, the “tight” vagina has not been “stretched out” by numerous men or by childbirth.

The idea is also that a tight vagina is cared for by its owner. It is subject to fitness regimens that keep it in better shape.

But is any of this true?

Vaginal Tightness: What to Know

The “grip” of any given vagina depends on many things, and Kegels and crunches are the least of it.

As a poly guy, you already know that every vagina is different.

Arousal “Loosens” the Vagina

The vagina is not a simple sphincter, one opening at entry. It is a network of muscles and tissues. Some women have a vice-grip pussy. It is an uncommon variable, not the standard the rest of us should seek.

Furthermore, when a pussy feels “loose” it is most often because the woman is aroused. The hornier we are and the more turned on we are, the more relaxed the vagina becomes—open for action. So you might think a “tight” vagina feels good, but it is the relaxed vagina that is fully aroused!

The Vagina Was Made to Stretch

A vagina is not just for sex but also for childbirth. It has to stretch to accommodate an eight pound watermelon!

Women who have given birth feel different to some guys than those who haven’t. The vagina doesn’t stay “stretched out” per se. It is elastic and goes back to its original state, more or less. However, giving birth and general use, and getting older, means some elasticity of tissue is lost.

Why Size Matters

One aspect of how tight or loose a pussy is, that is seldom mentioned, is cock size. A guy with a massive dong will experience more pussies as “tight,” and so here is more fuel to the fire of virility mythology. A guy with a smaller penis might not get the grip the bigger guy brags about.

Also, if guys spend too much time jerking off with a vice grip fist, the feel of a real vagina is much milder. A word to the wise for young guys: Keep your wanking strokes light, and don’t get dependent on an unnatural squeeze!

Can the Vagina be Tightened?

Kegels are a good idea, but don’t expect miracles. And there are tightening lotions and potions, but tread carefully with safety in mind. You can use a dick sleeve if you or she needs something larger, or vary penetration with oral and hand stimulation.

The more turned on a woman is, the more her vagina will be open—understanding this can rewire your expectations and arousal.

The best sex, in my opinion, is sex that understands the range of bodies, experiences, and physiologies. Our bodies are all different, sometimes babies are made, and aging is natural.

Do you have expectations or thoughts on how a vagina will or should feel? Please share.

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