How to Raise Your Testosterone Naturally

We think of testosterone as a male sex hormone, and it definitely affects your libido. It impacts your sperm count, how hard your dick gets, and the intensity of your orgasm. But did you know testosterone levels also affect your mood, energy, muscle mass, weight, health, and bone density?

The bad news is that modern man has much lower testosterone than men in the past—not just our ancient ancestors in the wild, but less than your father and grandfather.

There are many theories for why, from chemical exposure that disrupts our hormones to sedentary office jobs to reduced vitamin and mineral content in our depleted soil.

The good news is that there are ways to raise your testosterone naturally!

How to Raise Your Testosterone

Skip taking testosterone itself, unless directed to do so by a medical professional.

Unless you have a specific condition or dangerously low levels of testosterone, forget about taking testosterone or steroids. Just because a hormone is good for you doesn’t mean more is optimal or safe. It’s all about balance. You can throw other hormones and chemicals off kilter and have a whole host of medical and mood problems on your hands.

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Get enough sleep.

One of the best ways of balancing your hormones, is by doing nothing! Close your eyes, sleep soundly, and give your body the space and time it needs to do its own work.

Leave your laptop and phone and television out of the bedroom. No one sleeps without electronics on or nearby anymore, but even if they feel fine, their sleep is seriously disrupted.

If you live in the city and there are lights outside, block off the light with a dark curtain.

The quality of your sleep will change, even if you aren’t aware of any deficits.

Lay off or limit your alcohol consumption.

We all enjoy a brew now and again, but cutting down is an easy way to improve everything in your health.

Not only does alcohol lower testosterone over time, but you need optimal liver and kidney function to filter and balance your hormones.

Get outside for sunshine and exercise.

There’s a reason why roofers and sailors are more “manly” than basement-dwelling game programmers. It has nothing to do with stereotypes and everything to do with fresh air and exercise.

The sun is essential to hormone regulation. Vitamin D is actually not a vitamin but a hormone. We all need sunshine. Exercise in and of itself increases hormone levels and balances them, and more muscle mass raises T levels.

Eat your eggs, meat, fish, and liver.

Animal products have taken a bad rap since the invention of vegetable oils, but the bad science behind this has been on full display recently.

No need to go full-on carnivore, but be aware that the bio-availability and content of zinc, Vitamin A, Vitamin K2, protein, B12, riboflavin, B6, choline, Vitamin D, creatine, and a whole host of other necessary nutrients is much higher in meat—some of these are ONLY available in animal products.

Don’t just go for muscle cuts, either—eggs are crucial, and liver is the most nutrient dense food on the planet. All cultures ate liver, but we’ve lost our taste for it. Animals know the truth, however—it’s what they go for first after the kill.

Liver is the only food that contains high levels of Vitamin D and Vitamin A, both essential to hormone production and to immunity.

If you are vegetarian or vegan, optimize your diet through thorough research.

Have more sex.

Use it or lose it, as they say. Sleeping, getting fresh air, eating a good steak, and sex—who wouldn’t want to raise their T-levels?

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Having regular sex keeps your plumbing functioning, and being aroused and sexually active spurs higher arousal and more activity. It’s a delicious cycle!

How do you keep your testosterone levels high? Please share in the comments!

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