Sharing Poly Friends and Lovers

Knock Knock! It’s Uninvited Kindness. (Are You Open?)

I was making love with a goddess recently. Worshipping her sacred temple as I was born to do, passionately devouring her flesh and giving my heart and soul to the desire to deliver the utmost satisfaction to her. We were having a grand old time.

In a private bedroom.

Then, someone knocked on the door, and came in the room. Out of respect for everyone involved I can only say he’s a good friend of mine, and a person who has also been a lover to the woman I was making love to. We are all polyamorous friends. Hell, we have all been in the same warm and delicious embrace at times previous to this night! But in this particular moment, I just wanted to draw the scenario in your mind, just so you could experience what I have experienced.

How would it feel? How could it feel? Good? Bad? Right? Wrong? Bittersweet? Sour? Delicious?

All of the above, and then some? Maybe. Depends on who you are, and what your values are

Frankly, I don’t want to be singular or binary in the reply as to how I felt, as I experienced a multiplicity of reactions and emotions to the moments unfolding. My body had one reaction, my mind had another reaction, and my soul had yet a third reaction. It was an entirely new experience for me, the nuances and subtle shifts in situation, and the psychological implications for and against it either being politely requested to end or accepted with love and understanding.

The most soul-expanding moment happened when that wonderful woman looked directly at me, in the middle of all this happening, and silently whispered “I love you” with both her eyes and her lips. My body and my mouth let her know the same true love was hers to receive from me.

What would you do if one of your polyamorous lovers kindly interrupted a lovemaking session you were in with someone with good intentions to add love to the passionate proceedings already under way?

What would Jesus do… if one of his polyamorous friends interrupted him with one of his lovers?

Always in Love,
Addi Stewart

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