How to Enjoy the Single Life

Maybe you’re a serial dater, jumping from one relationship to another or maybe you’re in a comfortable yet unhappy relationship. I have plenty of family and friends in both these situations. And the main reason they are is because they’re afraid of being alone. They’d rather be in a so-so partnership with someone than sleep alone, live alone, and sometimes even eat alone.

After my marriage failed, all I wanted was to be alone… and now it’s been three years of the single life, amen! I do have a bit of an advantage over those I mentioned as I’m an introvert and also a loner, enjoying many an activity by myself. But you can be an extroverted social butterfly and still enjoy the single life. Check out what keeps me a bachelorette… for now.

Single Life Perks

Making the Decisions
You don’t have to confer with someone about your plans and do things “just” to please a partner. Being independent and free is a great feeling and builds confidence.

Less Obligations
Extended family obligations were always a sore point in my relationship. I didn’t like disappointing my partner, but I also wanted my need for alone time respected.

No-Strings Sex
I still want and need physical satisfaction and finding that is not a problem with dating sites where you can be honest about what you’re looking for. Self-love ain’t so bad either.

Exploration Time
The single life offers more time to explore your inner-self and interests whether that’s spiritual, practical, or academic. I’ve also been exploring my sexual self more.

Finding What You Want
Getting out of a not-so-great relationship is part of the journey to finding  the right partner. Discovering what you don’t want in a relationship will only help you realize what you do.

Deepen Friendships
In romantic relationships it’s easy to let friendships slide and/or see less of family. When you’re single you’ll have the time to reach out, hang out, and solidify friendships. And being open to starting new friendships (especially of the opposite sex) has no limits.

How do you enjoy the single life? Or do you spend most of your time in relationships?

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