Why You Should Appreciate Every Moment In A Poly Relationship


So, I met this awesome mystery angel on the beach two weekends ago. It was instant magic. I saw her, and was mesmerized instantly. And she saw me, and actually came over to my towel and sat down! We were obviously attracted to each other, and weren’t shy about sharing that lovely discovery. Small talk got deeper. Chemistry was wildly out of control, and elevating both of our hearts with each hilarious and sexy sentence shared.

A few minutes later, I looked in her eyes, and felt “The Perfect Moment For It”. I moved one inch closer, continuing to look into her beautiful eyes. She didn’t move, and actually moved a touch closer towards me too. We kissed. Within the first ten minutes of meeting each other. Real kisses. Meaningful. Sweet.

Then we both shared that we were polyamorous, and that’s when I really got excited.

We exchanged contacts and kept in touch during the week, while planning to get together again as soon as possible. The conversation was satisfying to me, and she was smart, which always gets me in the warm feelings.

We met up the next weekend, at another beach. We felt a bit closer, knowing that we would have more time and intention together that day, as we were essentially each other’s “dates” for the evening. We danced together joyfully. We drank beer from the same cup. We smoked a joint together. We chatted with friends.

It seemed like things were going pretty good! We even saw a few other intimate friends that had separate connections to each of us, and it was genuinely fine. I wasn’t uncomfortable around her sexy friends, and she wasn’t uncomfortable around my sexy friends… as it should be! We danced more. Good times.

She then said, “I need to rest my legs…”

I said, “I totally understand! I’ll join you on the blanket soon…”

She squeezed me, and gave me a quick and hard kiss on the dance floor, then disappeared amongst the swelling crowd of raving revellers…

A few minutes later, I waltzed over to the blanket, and stretched out beside her, where she was reclining peacefully. Our bodies were perfectly aligned, it was pleasant to observe and enjoy. I thought it felt like the perfect moment for another shared gift of kiss-flavored intimacy. I looked into her eyes, and as leaned over… she leaned back from accepting my kiss and said, “I’m not interested in you in the same way. But let’s be friends, okay?”

I was decently shell-shocked and stunned. I took a few moments, and then replied what any gentleman would, “okay, sure!” And I laid down. In silence.

She was sitting up beside me, but I was still laying down.

Honestly, I didn’t know what to say. I was truly confused. But it happens.

About two minutes later… I finally thought of something to say. I got up from off my back, and not one second later, she stood up and left the blanket, not noticing I was reaching out to say something. And that was that.

The moral of the story: at any point in time, anyone can change their mind, and it’s okay. It’s ALWAYS okay if someone wants something different than what you have to offer. Once you accept that in your heart, you are eternally free. It’s a thousand times better to let them go find who they want to be with, than keeping them with you in a situation they don’t want to engage in. I thought we were just starting something exciting, even if we admittedly weren’t matched on a few ideological levels, but I didn’t care about her being a meat eater, LOL, just because I’m a vegetarian! Anyways, better she says “thank you, goodbye” on day two, rather than two weeks later. Trust me. Get to the break-up moment of truth ASAP if it’s being considered.

The best news is that I saw her a few days later at a nightclub, and it was magnificent! Both of us were happy to see each other, we were respectful, friendly, honorable, and even vulnerable about each of our emotional states. It was so mature and healing, and I love her for being that evolved and adult about it. The problem was… it only made me more passionately attracted to her.

Sigh. Polyamory. Can’t win ’em all.

In love,
Addi Stewart

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