Taking a Leap of Faith in New Relationships

How fast have you asked for a dream to come true?

There is a leap of faith that EVERY relationship requires for it to evolve to the next level.

The issue is: what is the question you ask? “Do you want to be my girlfriend/boyfriend?” is the typical one we are trained to build up towards, after the requisite amount of dates, phone calls, texts, roses, gifts, etc. or whatever the relationship requires for its foundation to be built and a bond be made.

But there are infinite levels of exploration to journey to with people! So that question is really just the tip of the iceberg of exploration… and I wonder, ask and inquire to you: how fast do you ask for your dreams to come true in your life? How quick do you find the courage to request your next level of connection? It’s good to know…

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What other questions have you asked? What other leaps of faith have you taken?

“Can I kiss you?”

“Do you want to have a threesome?”

“Can we do anal tonight?”

“Do you want to explore bondage together?”

“Are you into kink?”

“Would you spank me with your hand?”

“Are you interested in having sex with anyone I know?”

“If you could do anything, and I mean ANYTHING, for your birthday, what would it be?”

“Do you want to go to a sex club together?”

“Have you ever used a strap-on?”

“Are you polyamorous?”

These are some of the types of questions that create MAJOR turning points and crossroads in relationships. It takes faith, courage, confidence, clarity of communication and conscious awareness of one’s emotional state and intentional truth to be able to find the energy and strength to step up to the plate during the moment of truth, and knock the honesty ball out of the park.

Some people take weeks, months and years to ask questions that might be understood emotionally in moments, minutes, and hours. Fear is what stops people from taking leaps of faith.

But NO polyamorous relationship or emotional connection on any level can be made without taking a leap of faith!

I asked a woman I met last week if I could kiss her within three minutes of knowing her! The electricity was so strong between us, I just HAD to take a leap of faith onto her lips as soon as passionately possible! And I was handsomely rewarded for doing such a thing by having her say YES!

Addi Stewart

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