Super Polyamory: Moving at the Speed of Love

How Fast Do You Like to Love?

These days, with the amount of social media like Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and Google-able information available to even the most incurious individual, I feel like it’s possible to enjoy, if not actually admire and maybe even love someone before you get to know who they really, truly are!

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Isn’t that something that feels tangible these days? I mean we all feel it with certain celebrities, and in our hearts we KNOW and TRUST that if we actually got to spend time with (insert famous nude Hollywood/TV/musician/artist) that they would adore us and respect our thoughts, and bond with us like we were separated at birth or some nostalgic shit.

As much as that really isn’t as true as some of us want to believe it would be if we got to meet our favorite stars, it possibly is true with some of the regular folks we see on social media and during our every day excursions through modern life.

There have been people I’ve seen pictures of on websites and said, “WOW! They’re fantastic!” and then lo and behold, a little while later, we’ve made love.

I personally don’t use social media that much to discover my lovers, whether for introductions or to gain information, but I do to a degree. I’m pretty old-school romantic, and it WORKS for me, I promise you that much! LOL. But I digress.

Speed.¬†How fast do you like to escalate things? Especially since you know that you might have other lovers, or the other person might, being that you’re all poly?

Not to say that being poly means that you’re primed to fuck as soon as you are done shaking hands, ha ha! (I have had some insta-fucks that RULE!) It’s all about going your speed. The more traditional approach usually involves three dates, ¬†some phone calls and texts and emails or what not before making a move for the first intimate moment together.

I’m not really that guy. I’ll look her in her eyes and ask to kiss her THE MOMENT the magic feels right. And we may or may not kiss! But I’ll ask her! Or I’ll let her know that I am officially infatuated with her. That’s how I do, and it works for me and the people I’m intimate with. I move at the speed of love, consent and passion.

Do you know what your usual approach is? Fast or slow? Smooth or crunchy? In the light or in the dark? Quick or glacial? Anywhere or at home?

The variables are endless! Discover them at your own tempo of desire.

But don’t forget… fear is an illusion. Imagine how fast you could love someone, if you weren’t ever afraid to explore the infinite potential between you and…

In love,
Addi Stewart

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