Sexy Date Ideas

Planning a romantic date with your primary or third or both can be fun, especially if you put the emphasis on sex(y). So what can you do to increase your chances of a date that leads to sex? Here are ideas for dates that will make her feel comfortable and possibly put her in the mood.

Food and Wine Tasting
Drive to a vineyard or visit a local food festival. You don’t have to be a sommeleier to enjoy a little imbibing. The oral pleasures of tasting wine may lead to others later. Buy a bottle to take home later.

Film Festival
Watch a sexy movie that will fire you both up. Some women get turned on by simple romantic storylines while others might prefer a scary film that will have her grabbing you for protection. Stimulating her emotions during the date encourages connection.

Strip Club
Attend a classy strip joint – females, of course! Women like to watch women dance and she will be turned on, guaranteed. Maybe you will get your own burlesque show at the end of the night.

Sign up for a lesson or show up for salsa night at a club. Dancing  involves a lot of physical contact which can promote further intimacy. The touching and flirting are sure to arouse her instincts.

Skinny Dip
Jump in the water, whether at the beach, a pool, or a quarry. Not only will you have fun, you’ll also get to see a little more of your date. Even if she’s not feeling up to going nude, you’ll still have fun.

Video/Board Games
Hook up the Wii, plug in the Xbox, or dig out those board games for vintage fun. A little competition can make anyone feel passionate. Playful teasing is the perfect accompaniment.

Cook for Her
Plan the menu and have all your ingredients ahead of time. There’s nothing sexier than a man preparing a delicious meal in front of her while engaging in meaningful conversation.

Sporting Event
Watch a game at an arena, ballpark, stadium, or just on TV. Again, just being around competition can be endorphins arousing and contagious. Perhaps a little bet to rev things up further.

Any sexy date ideas you can share?

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