Sex Adventures in Polyamory

Polyamory Playmates and Monogamy Mateplay: Survey Says

I read the article “Are Women More Sexually Adventurous in Bed than Men”¬†about how 50% of couples in long-term relationships were bored (which isn’t that surprising), but also, more interestingly: women are often more adventurous than men (yes!! that’s good news to me, ha ha!) But, I digress. At the end of the article, it said this: ” Our study found that the longer you’re in a committed, long-term relationship, the more likely you are to engage in a variety of sexually adventurous activities.”

And that made me pause for a moment and reflect. Now, to be direct: I had the most magnificent year of sexuality of my life in 2013, and I attribute it primarily to practicing polyamory with all the people in my life. Each of them were non-traditional relationships in every aspect, but one thing that I think most of them had in common was this: “a variety of sexually adventurous activities.”

Many of the people I explored and played with were unbelievably unreserved in their willingness to try things in the first few minutes of meeting that I think some monogamous couples take weeks, if not months, to reach the levels of trust required to share without causing permanent damage.

The agreements allowed in the initial communications created by polyamory’s connections let me be lovingly wild and free with my partners, and freaky fun things like flogging, threesomes, foursomes, sex parties, sex at the naked beach, sex in public washrooms, sex before knowing each other’s names, extreme birthday fantasies (oy vay!), taking nude pictures, nude bike rides, getting tied up, energy play, cuddle parties, and instant New Year’s Eve Countdown kisses!

Find a threesome online now:

They may vary wildly on the “sexual adventure scale”, but I do believe these activities go from 1 to WOW-that’s-a-twenty-three-baby!, on a scale of 1-to-10. And these things wouldn’t have happened without polyamory. And there is a subtle nuance I extracted from that statement: “a committed, long-term relationship” has a very flexible definition, in MY world! I’m still in touch with most of the people I had these sexual adventures with, and even if time shared didn’t get too deep with them, the emotions we shared did! So, let’s not judge any statistic with surface value perceptions.

Because my scientific and well-researched polyamorous life laboratory testing has led me to the inescapable conclusion that: “the longer you’re willing to keep an open heart and an open mind, the more likely you are to engage in a variety of awesome fucking sexual activities in life!”

In love,
Addi Stewart

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