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Avoid These Dating Mistakes

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I haven’t met a man who confidently says he’s mastered the art of dating, especially on that all important first date. Sometimes you know what you did wrong while other times your date will have no problem telling you what you screwed up. And occasionally a date leaves you wondering – what went wrong?

Mistakes that Turn a First Date into a Last Date

Talking Too Much
There is more to explain if you’re poly, but you want to avoid going on an on and on. A potential partner needs to know you’re interested in her as an individual, not just a relationship possibility. Ask questions and answer her’s honestly. Strive for a back and forth dialogue with comfortable pauses.

Too Serious
Women want a guy who makes them laugh. An awesome sense of humour can get you a girl who you think is way out of your league. Whatever your sense of humour (sarcasm, self-deprecation, strange observations), let it shine through your nervousness. Only caution: keep the conversation balanced with a few serious moments by sharing personal stories.

Over Eager
Even if you’ve talked online for weeks, and you’re convinced this is the perfect woman for you and your partner, don’t let your date know this. Take a breath and enjoy getting to know one another. Let the evening unravel naturally. A few compliments are appreciated, but don’t overdo it as this scares most women off.

Lack of Contact
Make eye contact with your date, otherwise you come across as aloof and not very interested. I know this can be difficult for shy people, but this one’s important. Again don’t overdo it – longing stares is creepy. A little physical contact will arouse her animal instincts. If you start off with the standard coffee date across the table, suggest moving the date somewhere else where a little touching is possible such as a park or crowded bar.

No Opinions
You might be trying to avoid heavy subjects so that verbal disagreements won’t arise, and that’s okay, but women want to know that you have unique opinions on a variety of subjects. Debating can be flirty and will stimulate both her emotions and her heart rate.

What dating mistakes have you made?

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