Chemistry and Attraction in Poly Hookups

On the surface, all the goodies are awaiting us, like a sexy-ass cake with hot fashion-flavored icing. Sometimes, the body gots no icing, and it’s plain YUM! Like a marble pound cake or fudge brownie… ooh, them things are deeelish! They are irresistible and scrumptious. Word to Homer Simpson: Drooooool.

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But, the reality that any foodie or sweet tooth will tell you: NOT ALL DESSERTS ARE MADE EQUAL! Not every chocolate chip cookie you’ve ever tasted satisfies your tongue the same. It’s just a fact that you may or may not like to face, depending on how much of a cookie monster you are, haha.

Different chefs make different meals. Different ingredients make different experiences. And there is no such thing as a human version of McDonald’s, even if the final result of some sexual and dating experiences result in the same indigestion and bad taste in your mouth, yuck.

Everything in the world revolves around one secret thing: CHEMISTRY.

Without the chemistry to make the flavors connect and combine into something greater than their individual parts, you don’t got a lip-smacking lemon meringue pie. And if you don’t know how to handle a pie crust properly or make the meringue all soft and gooey, then you won’t have no pie worth licking the plate for, and begging for seconds!

Some people—for me—are the human versions of lemon meringue pie with whipped cream or vanilla butterscotch ice cream with cinnamon sprinkles. These are the eternal flavor joys that spark and inspire in my mouth, every time I kiss them. Every time we fuck, it will feel like devouring the most soul-satisfying culinary experience of my life. Over and over!

Why do some people taste so damn amazing, and hit the spot in our hearts and souls that we want to have impacted with expression and devotion?

I don’t know why I love lemon meringue pie. I just DO. I don’t know why I love President’s Choice chocolate chip cookies. I just DO. I don’t know why I love strawberry blondes with freckles. I just DO. I don’t know why I love the female body so motherfucking much, every single time I taste a lady. I JUST DO!

Chemistry is what makes a person never forget certain relationships, never forget certain sexual experiences, never forget that person you saw today who made your heart melt into a puddle of love! That’s chemistry at work. That’s the mystery that keeps us all gravitating towards each other, and then away from each other when the other chemicals start circulating in your soul. But it’s all energy and chemicals.

Being able to manage and balance your spices, sauces, fruits, vegetables, meats, proteins, and other various ingredients is exactly how one will gain the knowledge of one’s skills as a chef of self, and how one will best be able to offer their sweetest servings to the wonderful sexy customers at Chez Moi!

Polyamory is the key to being able to serve more than one person at a time, and I highly recommend trying to do such a thing when one learns just what part of their essence they are ready to deliver to their loved ones, when their fantasies are fresh out the oven! But one has to also know: are you trying to feed the community, or just feed your close family?

Jealousy and chemistry do NOT mix well. People are taught to hoard their sweets. Ever see a kid after Halloween? You might find a greedy goblin who won’t share one piece of candy if their summer vacation depended on it! It parallels polyamory, in a sense. Some people covet their lover candy too much, and are like “This is MY bag of chocolate chip cookies! Hands off!” If the cookies don’t mind, then hey, there you go. No sharing will be done.

But I think everyone who likes the kind of chocolate chip cookies and lemon meringue pies that I do can eat with me!

My spidey senses just feel the chemistry between us, and it’s too damn amazing to deny another a taste.

With the sweetest loving kisses,
Addi Stewart

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