Sharing Your Poly Lifestyle with Outsiders

Poly Exposure: What Level of Revelation Are You At?

Who knows your truth? How often do you share it? How comfortable and clear are you about your polyamory passions? I know I don’t hide it from anyone, but I went to an event yesterday that was interestingly complicated in reality about revelation.

Who could be told and what it would have helped or harmed was clearly illustrated for me, as I was informed the event was meant to be a fundraiser to fund an anti-homophobia initiative in the Caribbean. A wonderful endeavor, for sure! I was happy to contribute and participate, but when it was time for sharing personal information with certain individuals… I chose to refrain from expressing the depth of my polyamorous, pornographic, sex-club-visiting passions because some of the people at the event didn’t display a clear willingness to even discuss homosexuality as it exists in the Caribbean today. I felt the delicate ears’ sensitivity on high. And I dared not violate their virgin sensibilities. Then I realized I’m at a VERY advanced state of openness.

Markers of Polyamorous Exposure

  • Do your parents know?
  • Do your brothers and sisters and all siblings know?
  • Does your extended family know?
  • Do your close friends know?
  • Do your acquaintances and distant friends know?
  • Does your workplace know?
  • Do you have a problem sharing your polyamorous status with strangers?

I don’t know if it’s a simple 7-step program like I’ve laid out here, but I figure that’s a decent start to determining what one’s level of comfort is around sharing their poly truth.

I found it very interesting how comfortable I am being naked and exposed completely around anyone in a sex club, but I had a hesitation to open my mouth to these wonderful people at this fundraiser, because I was so used to being in emotionally and sexually wide-open environments that being somewhere with relatively conservative civilians, I was precious with generally common knowledge about myself. I also am not that selfish that I HAVE TO tell everyone about my porno sex life and my multiple lovers and all that just because we are chatting over a nice drink or meal. But still, I feel NO shame about my polyamory and I love everyone regardless. I just encourage opening one’s heart and expressing the truth about what’s in there, that’s all!

I did tell one of the beautiful dancers that I thought she was incredibly beautiful and that I was a nude model though, ha ha! I couldn’t resist giving her a kiss of my truth…

In love,
Addi Stewart

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