Sharing Lovers in Your Polyamory Community

A lovely young lady and I found ourselves fucking passionately, and it has been quite a delight to feel the tight squeeze of her desire upon my supple young bod. We didn’t know we had such powerful chemistry, and yet here we are.

So, we rode the playground of each other’s bodies a few times and went “Weeeee!” while going a few more rounds. The relationship is fun and fine, and free of stress. I really enjoy her adult approach to understanding distance and difference, saying and doing some absurdly amazing things in short order that made me see how cool and evolved she is.

I’m lucky to be with her and am holding onto the potential of us with warmth in my hands. I speak all this to illustrate the preceding affair and would like to offer a M. Night Shyamalan type twist (Unbreakable with Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson was a great movie, but, I digress.)

My last meeting with m’lady was at a mutual poly hangout we frequent, and we were just doing our thang, hanging and jamming. We sometimes have kinky thangs happen between us there, but we didn’t that particular night, as I was occupied in other conversations. It is super open and adult polyamory that we share, so there are never problems about jealousy. Or is there? NO, THERE ISN’T!

So that’s why it was so interesting when I saw her leave the place with one of my best friends who I didn’t even know had a connection! When I heard from her the next day, something was… a little… different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but her communication had shifted.

I’m very happy they are together, please believe it! I love him and her, and I hope we all just expand the family.

Things change fast in this polyamory thing, and you don’t always know how… or why.

Addi Stewart

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