No-Strings Polyamory Relationships

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I have a very special and sacred relationship with a supermodel sex-goddess supreme. She has taken me to heaven so many times I can’t count. She has exploded with a passion that fifty monkeys with the brain of Shakespeare typing at fifty laptops for fifty weeks couldn’t describe properly. We have… you get the picture, I hope, because it’s a very very good one!

Anyways, the thing is it gets complicated sometimes. I cannot, and have not, ever said this woman’s name in public. And I shant break that iron clad promise here, as I continue to respect all my lover’s privacy. Anyways, we’ve been together for a glorious two years plus.

Here’s the rub: she sometimes just stops everything. Her life is serious, important, complex, and highly responsible to others.  So she sometimes will just say, “We’re on hold. Goodbye for a while.”

And it shocks me. Hurts me. Humbles me. Educates me. And eventually, it elevates me. But certainly not right away. Ugh. I totally understand and respect her, and all my lover’s decisions to say “enough for now.” But sometimes people say that because they don’t have the courage to say “enough is enough for good.” She isn’t that person.

She says, “Enough for now. See you in three months or so.” And it happened just like that. The impact she’s had in my life is so enormous, I had no choice but to allow it to continue whenever it could.

I didn’t wait for her call, and thank god for polyamory for that reason! BUT I had her on my mind and heart from time to time. I did send no-strings-attached (and NO-SEX-DISCUSSING) text messages to her, to which she randomly replied. But still, our relationship is the blessing on the shelf.

It’s such a good day when she picks up the phone, and grabs a hold of our connection again!

Addi Stewart

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