My Latest Polyamory Relationship Faux Pas

I made one of my biggest mistakes recently, and just want to express how to make amends for one’s social faux pas.
Yes, I have many poly lovers, and things are cool with most of them. They haven’t all met, but many of them have spoken in one way or another, written to me and each other on the internet, and a few have met in person and spent time together separately from me needing to be there.

One lover is really open with me about the fact that she has another super-close lover in their heart, and she knows about my many partners, and we share stories of dating and sex before and after we talk about our connections. It’s quite special.

I have yet another partner who I spend much more time with, wherein we speak daily on the phone and do some other personal business together, alongside making passionate love to each other as often as possible.

These two lovers have never met. They know about each other and are cool with it, but a few days ago I fucked up bad.

It was almost three in the morning, and I was tired. I was talking to the second lover on the phone about past kinky wild stuff we’ve done together. She asked me to send her some pictures we took a few weeks ago… pictures of me with her panties in my teeth, just biting them and being naughty—private, harmless fun to share, right?

It being so early in the morning I drowsily went about sharing my naughty pics. One second after sending them, I realized I’d sent them to the WRONG person! I accidentally sent them to my first lover I spoke about. I haven’t seen her in months, and I never put her panties in my mouth, so she might not want to see pictures of me with panties in my mouth!!!

I felt mortified the MOMENT I sent the pics… and to top things off… SHE WAS AWAKE TO SEE THEM! I tried to delete them immediately but was fucking up as I was panicking. In the process, I saw her reply with an angry face on the panty pics! So I texted the other lover “BRB” and finally deleted the pics from the next lover’s phone. I profusely apologized and told her what happened.

I finally ended up sending the panties-in-my-mouth pic to the right lover, and felt like a jackass for the rest of the night.

Next day, I reached out to the second lover yet again to apologize and say, “I was tired and slacking! Sorry!!!”

She just laughed and said, “It’s okay, I’m not mad. I knew you sent the pics to the wrong person because I don’t normally wear any panties!”

My jaw dropped. I laughed. And then I cherished ALL of my lovers beyond words could say.

What poly fuckups are you willing to share?

Addi Stewart

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