How I Deal when Ex-Lovers Return

I don’t know what I did in my last life (although I strongly believe it had something to do with sex work), but whatever I did, it has made the last week of life feel like I did something really right!

There are times when one feels like their polyverse is just floating along, but there are other times when one can feel it EXPANDING in every direction. I have my lovers who I see and communicate with regularly, as well as many who have drifted away.

Recently I had to take a Saturday night off because I hadn’t had a night to myself in over six days! Not complaining, just needed to rest my bones and… other body parts. Then out of the blue, an ex-lover reached out to me—I hadn’t heard from her in YEARS. Things felt very inspiring and optimistic, that’s for sure. But until something fleshy and concrete happens, it’s just a dream. Still, dreams are the visions of the future if we stay focused, right? Yes.

I had first met this angelic lover on a dating site, where she reached out for pure passion straight off the bat. She played no games about how attracted she was to me, and we had unforgettable fun in a variety of hotel room. Her husband even sometimes watched us fuck, wearing a dress and fishnet stockings on occasion! It was certainly not the most traditional relationship.

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She lived quite a ways across town, so I only saw her every few months. And then she disappeared for a few years—it happens, and I was very happy for what we did get to share regardless. I truly thought I might never see her again, but happily I was wrong!

She said she had lost her phone and all her contacts, and that she wanted to reconnect again for old times sake. I was smiling from ear to ear and immediately responded to her with my number, as well as my clear intentions to share with her my perpetual sexual passions and pleasure.

I wasn’t mad that I hadn’t heard from her in over two years. I didn’t need her to text me to break up or to make up. We had an understanding. And it’s not that I wanted her to disappear, but she is married with children, and we only had sex in hotel rooms.

I knew back then that even if we only hooked up once, that I’d be appreciative. But it’s about to continue, after a hiatus. Once again, it’s on!

That’s love,
Addi Stewart

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