Dealing with STIs in Poly Relationships

Cleanliness is next to godliness, especially below the belt buckle, hehe. I joke, I kid, and now I pseudo-digress. No news is good news when you go to the check-up clinic.

The possible issues and problems, both real and imagined, that can come up around genitalia (no pun intended) are enough to make a person consider converting to a non-sexual religious lifestyle… for a minute!

Seriously though, it happens to both the best and the worst of us, and random countless people in between. If Pamela Anderson can get hepatitis, and Usher can get herpes, anyone can get anything at anytime.

I think it’s high time that sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are considered on the same level of dis-ease as the common cold, the flu, and chicken pox. The fact that one catches STIs mostly from sexual transmission makes people think of them in a odd context, since people mostly think of sex in strange contexts, morals, values and perspectives.

The sex-negative reality of Western society ties into the pre-considered consequences of said sex act, and the conservative judgement of healthy consensual sex on top of the revelation of an STI can become a double barrel blast of fucking bullshit for a person to have to struggle with.

Don’t be that douche who says or does something crappy to someone if you find out that they caught an STI. It’s not the end of the world.

When I found out a poly partner of mine had an STI a coupe weeks ago via text, I immediately replied with three things in mind:

  1. concern for their safety and well-being, and making sure her pain was leaving
  2. assurance that I was not going to end our relationship because of this event
  3. the promise to go check myself out for any symptoms of the same STI

Within about twenty minutes, I re-enforced her faith the best I could, and went to go check myself out in the bathroom before I went to the doctor to get the real McCoy check-up with the needles and the pee cup. We had been together for almost three years, and we have had poly partners with other people happening alongside our relationship for the entire time… yet nothing like this had ever happened to either one of us before, even though we always knew it was a possibility.

Her and I are well-oiled fuck machines who don’t collect much dust on our moving parts, let’s just put it like that! But, lo and behold, even the world’s nicest Rolls Royce has to go in for a check-up sometimes. My partner was very good natured about it, all things considered, and the symptoms aren’t as bad as they could have been.

I went to the doctor to get my arms poked and my urine peeped, and so far I’m in the clear. This STI had some skin-to-skin risks involved, but somehow, even though I live with my face in between my partner’s thighs for oodles of time, I seem to be A-OK so far. No news is good news, and no flashing lights means no need for a tune-up. Sex drive: gooooo!

I’m a Speed Racer when it comes to communication, and I’m also fearless when it comes to facing challenges in relationships. I thank this partner for her faith and passion, and I look forward to celebrating our health ASAP… with squirting gushing fountains of orgasms!

Addi Stewart

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