Celebrating Polyamory in Jamaica

So, I recently celebrated my birthday in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I’m very thankful and joyous for that blessing, oh yes! I spent time there with family and close friends, celebrating the good times in life and the beautiful tropical summer we are experiencing… as global warming makes itself official, and we all melt into each other semi-consentually.

Before that actually happens, we still have boundaries and edges and even borders of land for us to deal with and operate under. So when we travel, we get exposed to other cultures and other people’s ways of doing things… things, of course, being a cute euphemism for Other SeXXXy Humans!

And in Jamaica, whooooy! Half the rumors aren’t true, because the truth is WAY HOTTER! The other half of the rumors you haven’t even heard because people are too busy fucking to run their mouths.

I didn’t actually hear the word “polyamory” per se, BUT I DID notice that almost every single person I met had children with multiple women and men! It was quite normal for someone to have complex relationship structures with multiple people and multiple levels of interaction, and honestly… it seemed pretty darn balanced, for all intents and purposes!

I was strictly an observer just taking in information that I saw and heard, I asked no questions about anyone’s personal business, so I won’t make any assumptions. But I definitely saw the practice of open relationships and NON-monogamy. That’s for damn sure.

C’mon now, let’s not be silly. Some stereotypes aren’t far from the truth, and I’m writing that AS a Jamaican-Canadian man. Ya damn right, Jamaican people are sexy as hell! And they know how to… dance. Dance very very passionately, let’s just say.. heh heh.

The driver who took care of my family all weekend was an old friend I’ve known since I was fourteen… and truth be told, he’s three years younger than me, but has three kids, and not with the same woman… and he’s with other women as well, he told me. But this young man looked so very calm, so honest, so genuine about his intentions and his feelings emotionally, I just had to rest on the assumption that he knew how to be emotionally attendant to his sexual situation when the time came.

There seemed to be an understanding in the air, but obviously that is not enough to let everything rest and slide upon… yet, there also is a “knowing” that is inherent in two (or more) people being intimately connected in ways that are beyond words, and that can be seen clearly in a place like Jamaica.

So many beautiful people looked me right in the eyes and let me KNOW how they felt. It was paradise. Polyamorous paradise? I shall return for more research!

Addi Stewart

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