Poly Relationships: What’s Your Kryptonite?

“To err is human, to forgive divine” is the classic saying, and once you’ve fucked up enough times, you acknowledge it’s truth.

But fret not, dear friend! We all have something that breaks us down to our very last compound, seeps our strength and willpower away, and crushes our soul like Kevin Spacey’s once-thriving career, like hell yes to life’s Lex Luthors getting their comeuppance!

We all have that weak spot that we need to, have to, and want to work on improving quicker, faster, and better than we have been doing thus far regarding others. And the thing is, if you’re the one in a billion people that has absolutely NO flaws, character defects, or human imperfections, you are officially an angel in hell on earth, if not an endangered breed of dolphin in a sea full of plenty of fish!

People bond over hate and evil in so many inventive new ways on the internet these days! They make groups and have message boards too. But here, we celebrate functional adult relationships. Nevertheless, we are humans.

A few places we may struggle in modern connection:

  • forgetting birthdays/holidays/special dates
  • struggling with long-distance relationships
  • failing to return text messages/emails/calls
  • cancelling engagements and/or ghosting people
  • waffling about who/what we want/need

And on a more poly level:

  • failing to disclose new potential partners to necessary parties
  • being irresponsible about sexual protection
  • feeling insecure and jealous about partners being with other lovers
  • managing time between partners
  • spreading gossip about people’s poly sex lives

Nobody’s perfect, but these are things that should not be encouraged to perpetuate and fester. They are honestly not very different from physical ailments, and if you had a bleeding open pus-filled wound on your elbow, wouldn’t you get it healed? Yes, you would, as soon as possible.

I wonder why some of the relationship issues we’ve had since we were teenagers in high school still plague relationships well into adulthood… for some our entire adult life, through marriage, and death do us part!

But no, we need not suffer from our Kryptonite. Superman adapted! It just takes practice to make progress more permanent. Fight the good fight, and win yourself.

What’s your poly Kryptonite?

Addi Stewart

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