Open-Door Policy in Poly Relationships

How long will you keep your heart open for the opportunity to make love to someone?

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I know some people have a 24 or 48 hour window of access before they’re like Welp! That person is obviously not interested, I’m moving on. And they won’t consider that prospect for an intimate encounter anymore.

I had a barber who told me, “If someone doesn’t reply to me in 24 hours, I delete their number!” And I was like “Wow, that’s kinda harsh.” But he said “Nope, I’m serious! I don’t waste time!” Immediately after, he was asking me, “Hey man, can you bring some of your ladies to the shop? I’m not with anyone and I wanna meet some ladies!” Oh, the hilarity of it all.

People rarely see how often they are their own obstacle to success with the opposite or same sex, and the fastest way to make something happen is to allow things to happen!

I have a policy: if we have potential, I recognize it. And I will keep my heart open for EVER, for EVERYONE, if they’re ready to try and create a polyamorous relationship. It’s a blueprint for an eternal lifelong connection, so I approach those who consider being poly with me as people who could float in and out and up and down in my heart for as long as love lasts.

When love is good, it lasts for a few moments longer than eternity and infinity, baby!

The thing that shifts in my life is the amount of time and energy I can offer my relationships and intimate partners due to the amount of lovers and people who I’m sharing myself with. I hesitate to consider new prospective partners in my life these days, because I have SUCH GREAT RELATIONSHIPS ALREADY!

Thus, it makes my eternal, open-door policy a bit challenging, but at the same time, things tend to balance themselves out. I don’t have any lovers telling me they need more time with me like I’m watering the relationship with the appropriate attention, but it’s not exactly like I wouldn’t want to spend more time with certain ladies, if I had more time to!

I have an open-door policy with people who I’m already with, as well. Some people, I keep my heart open to doing MUCH MORE than we are already doing, and it’s a functional approach to polyamory for me.

Since I’m not with just one person, I’m not exactly the person who will make a lot of demands on a lot of people at the same time. It’s not feasible or fair for me to ask for more sexy times and kinky goodness from multiple people, when my time is so close to the limit already—I’m seeing a lover or a sex partner 6 days out of 7, every week. Sheesh!

What kind of greedy playboy would I have to be to keep making empty promises to people to keep showing up for yummy fun and games, while not keeping myself open to the experiences that appear in my blissful existence? That would be just atrocious. And worth shutting down!

It’s my choice to try and keep a single sliver of light to always get into the door of my heart for everyone who I dream to be with. It’s not easy, but it works.

To close the door of desire to anyone would demand a boundary that was necessary to keep me safe and secure, and distant from judgements, accusations, or dysfunctional behaviors.

For now, my arms are wide open. Waiting for you to jump inside my heart and start opening all the juicy, randy, tasty gifts waiting for you!

In open admiration,
Addi Stewart

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