Is Polyamory For You?

You might be reading this polyamory blog because you are curious about non-monogamous relationship styles. Maybe you’re currently in a committed relationship and you’re thinking of opening it up. Or maybe you’re having difficulties in your current poly relationship. How will you know if polyamory is the right thing for you? Well, you won’t know for sure until you try it, but here are some signs it might be a good avenue worth exploring!

1. You want to have group sex.

Group sex can greatly enhance any relationship, but it can also be a tricky situation to introduce someone new into an already established couple. Bringing someone in as more than just a hot friend can make the sex more intimate, and more love to go around is always better!

2. You want your friendships and relationships to “be what they are.”

If you choose a polyamorous lifestyle, that friend who you sometimes fuck can be seen as more than that. Open relationships won’t feel like something you need to hide, but something you can be honest about to yourself and others.

3. You don’t believe in “the one.”

If you believe that society has sold you a strange story about the existence of “one true love” for each person, you might want to try polyamory. Practicing non-monogamy allows you to interact with a number of people who might tickle your fancy instead of just looking for someone who might not exist.

There are more benefits of the polyamory lifestyle, but just like any relationship, poly partnerships present their own challenges with communication and balance. When you do find the poly situation that works for you, it can be very rewarding. Start off slowly and keep an open mind, while establishing open lines of communication with everyone involved.

If you are new to polyamory, check out sites like and

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