How to Maintain Stamina with Two Younger Lovers

Hello, readers! This question was left in our comments section, so I passed it along to our PT writer Jamie.

Q: I will be trying a threesome soon. My girlfriend wants to introduce me to another chick with her. They are thirteen and twenty-three years younger than me, so I’m worried I won’t keep up. Any sex positions to help me? I’ve never been with two women, so I’m concerned. – Rick

A: Hi Rick! Well, way to go, Hot Stuff!

I can totally understand why being with two younger babes at once might be cause for anxiety, but try to change your mindset of your upcoming threesome from the idea of a marathon or performance to a playground of sensual adventure.

With this shift in thinking, the threeway fun doesn’t have to end if you erupt in premature orgasm or can’t keep a rock hard erection for five hours. The important thing is to be playful and generous, not just pound away.

Start things off slowly—there’s no rush. Hang out together, flirting over a glass of wine or frosty pitcher of iced tea. Warm up with touching, teasing, necking, and slow undressing.

You might “keep up” by enjoying a lot of pussy licking and fingering, watching the women play with each other, massaging and touching. Switching from fucking to these things, back and forth, will change up the pace while still giving lots of stimulation to both ladies.

For men of any age, I recommend keeping a few dildos on hand or asking her to bring them with her, when engaging in a hot FFM threeway. It’s really exciting to watch women arouse and please each other with penetration toys, and it lets your cock take a rest if he’s fading a bit or in between orgasms if you blew your load too soon.

Experimenting with different vibrating sex toys is a lot of fun too, for the same purpose. Try using them on both of hers nipples and yours as well.

Switch things up again by enjoying a leisurely shower when you’re all naked. This gives everyone a chance to rest and revive, and to suds away any nervous sweat. It’s very sensual to touch when warm and wet.

The most important thing for your first two-female threesome—or your fiftieth for that matter—is not performance prowess in terms of keeping it hard and thrusting like an Olympic athlete, but attention and attentiveness. Your girlfriend will want more threesomes if you lavish attention to her and don’t leave her the odd woman out because there’s fresh pussy in the bed. Your guest will be most comfortable and horny if she feels welcome.

Be easygoing instead of wound up about your age or something that goes differently than you hoped. Make both women feel desired even if your cock is resting—you have eyes, hands, and a mouth that can show and tell them both how appreciative you are.

Let us know how it goes!

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