Sex Songs: Best Songs to Have Sex To

Hi, gang! We gonna keep this simple and straight forward because I don’t like to tease, delay, or mess around (unless it’s a designated scene where the teasing is guaranteed to lead to a frenzy of fuck in the very near future).

I’ve chosen ten songs for you to enjoy while you are making love or fucking intensely.

Make a playlist and mix these in, grab your lover, and start your lust engines! Grab your joystick or steering wheel, get in gear, now Ready… Sex… Go!

5 Songs for Making Love

1. “Nothing Like Loving You” by Amerie

Press play on this song and make it immediately apparent what you want to do to your amourata with this immaculate conception of a chune playing.

Amerie says every word perfectly to set the mood for making love, and the chorus is orgasmic icing on the carnal cake. “Every memory / Every embrace / Every time my lips touch your face / It’s nothing like loving you…” Then, the bridge HITS, and it’s a second round climax.

2. “Butterflies” by Michael Jackson

Songs don’t get much more beautiful than this. Michael captures the sentiments of a lover that is long gone in the flames of desire, and captures it immortally with the sensation of anticipation’s uncertainty.

These are the sounds of a lover craving their object d’amour. “If you would be my love, baby I will love you, love you / ‘Til the end of time…” Very possibly the best bridge ever. Inspires so much more off-the-wall lovemaking!

3. “Talk About Our Love” by Brandy feat. Kanye West

It’s got a slippery, gooey slice of soulful funk that might be a little uptempo for lovemaking, but you will know the moment to shift your first gear fucking into second with this majestic melody. Fuck while others are talking, tune out the teasers chattering.

4. “Pink + White” by Frank Ocean

Like laying your lover down on a pillow of clouds as you caress their face with a silk feather, this song is nearly as soft as anything you might hear all summer. Frank Ocean oozes sexyness into every ear that wants an intangible, fuzzy, soft secret love to slip into their heart unsuspectingly.

And you might find yourself returning to this erotic audio paradise over and over and over on repeat… like how I love to make love over and over and over.

5. “All For You” by Sabrina Claudio

This song is intimacy incarnate. Every word, every breath, every note. Nothing else is important except for the lovemaking.

It’s direct, just how I love my lovers. Play this song on repeat if you crave someone to get wet and ready for your wild animal romantic side without hesitation. She’s ready.

5 Songs for Fucking

1. “Are You That Somebody?” by Aaliyah & Timbaland

Some hot, sweaty, Saturday summer night bedroom goodness with a groove is meant for grinding and thrusting. And the baby crooning in the background? Moan on beat to it!

This song has been a bedroom classic since it came out, and ain’t a damn thing has changed! Love Aaliyah’s sexy-ass music forever. Keep on rockin’ the boat, pun intended!

2. “I Just Died” by Amerie

This one might have you fucking with a particularly delicate but fierce intensity. This one might be what you’re playing when you fuck someone for the first time, or just got back together after a long hiatus.

There’s hints of naughtyness, secrecy, and unbridled lust, which is diesel powered fuck fuel. Die in someone’s arms tonight, and get resurrected via genital delight!

3. “3-Way” by Teyana Taylor

It’s called 3-Way. Can’t get much more obvious than that. I wish you the best of fuck, times three.

4. “Hate 2 Love U” by Amerie

You want an anthem for them rare days when you need to hate fuck someone (gently)? Know when you feel carnal and primal and want to bite someone’s flesh and scratch their body? I got just the right song for you to throw on when you are activated to go buck wild in the bedroom.

This drumbeat is built to beat your body up with the banging. If you’re penetrating or being penetrated, fuck to this beat and blast off to nirvana.

Half Hearted by Mindbender Supreme feat. DJ Mensa

This song is for the hardcore hip hop enthusiasts, porn lovers, and love makers out there who crave something that has comedy, originality, sexuality, creativity, authenticity, and audio electricity in one potent package.

Get ready to orgasmically explode your mind and your pants upon impact!

Every word is true, as the songwriter has sexually suggested, and every moment is meant to inspire delight, surprise, interest, and arousal until you have to stop the song and masturbate or fuck someone to the head-nodding aka deep-throating beat!

May each one of these sexy motherfucking songs take you down a Pink-Horsepower, Rhino-Honey rabbit hole where you discover more music by these artists and others like them, sounding sexy in the studio and on stage live while fucking their way to freedom!

Rock out with your cock or jam out with your clam out, as they say, ha ha!
May songs of love never stop playing around the ears of your heart…

Sincerely yours truly,
Addi “Malcolm Lovejoy” Stewart.

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