5 Reasons NOT to Have Sex with a Friend

There are plenty of reasons why you might be fantasizing about having sex with a friend. But most of these reasons are not worth the cost of losing the friendship or dynamic that you have with a person. And yes, that’s what usually happens when two friends sleep together… it all sounds good on paper until the next morning when your relationship takes an awkward shift.

5 Reasons NOT to Have Sex with a Friend

1. You’re Lonely
Not good enough. Everyone gets lonely from time to time. It doesn’t mean you reach for the closest source of satisfaction. Call the boys and have a night out. Who knows? You might get lucky.

2. You’re Horny
Again. Not good enough. That’s where personal satisfaction comes in. And don’t forget… it’s very easy to set up a one-night stand with all the polyamory dating sites and other avenues like Tinder available.

3. You’re Lazy
This relates to the horny problem. Grabbing what’s closest (that is, if she’s even game) is a quick fix which may work in the short term but can cause big headaches down the line.

4. It’s Comfortable
For you maybe, but if you get turned down how will your friend feel every time she’s around you from then on. She’ll always think you’re undressing her in your mind.

5. It’s a Fantasy
It’s guaranteed that most men have thought about sex with every female friend in their lives, but that’s natural. The problem is once a fantasy is acted on, it’s no longer that… it’s a reality that you can’t keep to yourself.

1 Good Reason to Have Sex with a Friend

1. You Both Want Something More
Something more than sex, that is! Even when both of you are afflicted with the lonely, horny, lazy, it’s comfortable fantasy woes, and you both think sex will solve these, unless you’re both thinking about a serious relationship – it’s not worth it. On the other hand, if you have found that intimacy has been building over time… there may be something worth exploring – YES, sexually! A lot of long-lasting relationships begin as friendships.

What’s your take on this subject? Is having sex with a friend a risk you’ve taken? How did it turn out?

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