7 Tips for Great Makeup Sex

Having it out with your partner sucks. But there’s one silver lining to arguing in a relationship. You can turn that intense ball of emotional fury into an unexpected passionate romp – a.k.a. Makeup Sex!

Sex usually isn’t the first thing you think of when you’re fighting with a lover, but it can be a great outlet for the powerful feelings and anger that is boiling inside. The body releases similar chemicals when we are aroused sexually and emotionally through anger. Makeup sex is usually a little rough, even animalistic – very exciting!

Makeup Sex Tips

1. Don’t force it. Don’t get into an argument just in hopes of creating the makeup sex scene. And don’t always expect a fight will end up in the bedroom. Most times it doesn’t, and when it does, it’s a very natural progression.

2. Be in your partner’s personal space. You may not want to be anywhere near them in that moment, but the physical closeness can turn to arousal very quickly when you’re in tight quarters.

3. Test your chances. If some physical contact has occurred – she’s pushing you away or grabbing your arm – go in for the passionate kiss. You’ll know pretty fast if she’s game. Don’t push it if she’s too upset to get sexual. At least you tried.

4. On the spot. If she’s responding, do it right there and then. Don’t break the intensity by asking her if she wants to or by leading her to the bedroom. Drop to the floor and get down and dirty or lift her onto the countertop and have at it.

5. Tell her you’re sorry. This may sound weird, but it’s actually easier to apologize in the heat of a sexual embrace than it is when your woman is yelling at you. You’ll enjoy the sexual comedown more too – not having to worry about returning to the argument.

6. Turn your anger into a role play. Maybe you’d like to give her a good spank (if you’re both into that) or maybe you’ll want her to take you over her lap because you feel so bad for fighting. Get creative.

7. Serious arguments don’t turn sexual. Makeup sex isn’t going to follow an admission of cheating or if the fight is about ending your relationship. The best makeup sex comes after stupid arguments or when you realize your insecurities got the best of you.

Makeup sex can be a wonderful thing, but remember, it’s not something you can plan or really direct. When a crazy fight turns into a hot and heavy makeout session, enjoy the moment! You might even forget what you were arguing about in the first place.

Any makup sex stories you can share?

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