7 Sexy Gifts for your Lovers

Surprise your partner(s) with a gift to help spice things up in the bedroom. Women love gifts, especially the unexpected ones. What will also be appreciated, is the thought and creativity that goes behind selecting the perfect gift . Here are gift ideas that go beyond flowers and chocolate.

1. Erotica – Instead of porn which is so widely available, go to your local bookstore and browse through their erotic literature section  for an actual book she can read and masturbate to. If she loves classic literature, try Anais Nin, or if she’s more of a Harlequin Romance gal, pick up the latest Jack Collins. Reading about sex makes a woman think about and want it more.

2. Toys – If she already has a pleasure treasure chest then you’ll have an idea what kind of kinky toy she might be into. Or maybe she’s only talked about fantasies and is shy about buying accessories for it. Browse sites together to see what catches her eye.

3. Lingerie -Who doesn’t like seeing a beautiful woman dressed up in a little sexy something. Make sure to have her bra and panty size before you head out to shop. You don’t want to give her something that is too big or too small – both will be taken as insults. Invite your lover to go with you. She’ll enjoy giving you a fashion show.

4. Sex Games – Maybe you play strip poker or naked twister, but there are loads of new sex video, card, and board games. These provide foreplay that can help you get to know the wilder side of a new lover.

5. Sensations – Think about her five senses and how best to stimulate them. Does she prefer being tickled, the cold wet sensations of ice sliding along her nipples, or the experience of warm chocolate being drizzled up and down her warm wanting body.

6. Spa Day – Women love to be pampered. Find a local spa and see what they have to offer. Choose treatments that you can both benefit from. If you have foot fetish, you may want to give her a pedicure, or if you’re the king of cunnilingus, how about a Brazilian wax.

7. Boudoir Photography – Most women have thought about this, but don’t ever do it. Sexting pics is fun, but it doesn’t compare to this intimate experience. She’ll enjoy being the centre of attention at the shoot and the finished product will have you both aroused.

Remember: Thoughtfulness goes a long way with women and the returns are often sexual.

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