All About Nipples: His, Hers, and Theirs

How much time do you spend thinking about nipples? Most of us consider them erotic to an extent. An erect nipple under a blouse is just plain hot, and watching shirtless guys on the beach just wouldn’t be the same if they didn’t have nipples!

Some love nipple stimulation, and some can take it or leave it. Some find it too intense or painful, not pleasurable at all. Here are some interesting facts about nipples: his, hers, and theirs!

10 Facts About Nipples

1. A woman’s nipples serve a vital purpose.

Nipples connect infants with their food supply.

2. Men have nipples because human development in the first six to eight weeks is very similar.

They are sometimes thought of as vestigial relics of evolution, but this is not true. All humans start out the same until our chromosomes kick in during fetal development.

3. Transgender women can develop breasts through hormone treatment alone

Some trans women will choose implants as well depending on the size they wish, but some prefer natural breasts from hormone therapy. Natural breasts may be small, medium, or large, just as with other women.

4. Men may develop “moobs” at any point in life.

There are men who have them all along, while others get them with weight gain or during medical treatment as a hormonal side effect. Most men will get a moob variant after middle age when testosterone drops. The technical name for this is gynecomastia.

5. Nipples are filled with nerve endings.

Whether the sensation is pleasurable, painful, or neutral varies widely from person to person. The same person may experience pleasure on one day and pain the next.

6. Orgasm can happen directly from nipple stimulation.

Those nerve endings can end up with the big bang! Some men experience erection or sexual arousal and even orgasm from nipple play, without ever touching their cock! Some women can orgasm this way too. If that’s not you, don’t worry—most of us find nipple play enhances sexual arousal or genital stimulation, but rubbing our boobies doesn’t take us there all by itself.

7. There are many ways to enjoy nipple play.

You may enjoy licking, sucking, pinching, stroking, a feather tickler, finger stroking, twirling, ice cubes, warm showers, biting, slapping, hot wax, silk scarves, nipple clamps, flower petals, blowing, massaging, and vibrator stimulation.

For those on the kinky side, here’s a Guide to Nipple and Breast Torture over at Kink Lovers.

8. Nipples are as variable as any other feature.

They can be large or small, long or short, pointy or flat, in or out, with color variations from pale peach to brown to red to purple to almost black. If nipples are your thing, half the fun is the reveal.

9. The ultimate purpose of the nipple is lactation.

Women sometimes lactate without pregnancy, during false pregnancy, during times of great stress, or triggered by desperation to conceive or give birth. Men and transgender women have also lactated, by taking the hormone Prolactin or unexpectedly as a side effect of stress or medical treatments. It is rare but does happen.

10. Some people have extra nipples.

It is quite common for any gender to have extra nipples, from a third to many. Some appear more like a mole or beauty spot and might not even be acknowledged as nipples. Some are as fully formed as the first two! Most spare nipples, technically called “supernumerary nipples,” are found along the “milk line”—from the armpit to the breast to the groin on either side. But they have been found all over the body, including a fully formed nipple on one woman’s foot sole!

What nipple fun fact would you add to this list? Please share in the comments!

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