How Men Can Explore Their Sexuality

A MESSAGE to MODERN MEN: A Step In Evolution

It’s just a suggestion… but I genuinely do suggest this:

Stop competing with each other. Competition is the primary concept in human society today that challenges the possibility of positivity to be created between individuals.

The modern man may never have been blessed with so many relationship options and relationship possibilities in his fantasy-starved life. Except for the occasional disappointing establishment of anti-gay legislations that rear their ugly head in places like Uganda and India, and the oppressive environments that operate in parts of Russia, the world is generally moving steadily towards the most inclusive same-sex mindset ever enjoyed by earthlings, which is the final frontier in creating a 360-degree spectrum of sexual potential for ALL men to explore and enjoy. Same-sex marriage is legal in more of the United States than ever, and it’s enjoyed by all Canadians, as well.  It’s also legal in Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Iceland, Mexico, Norway, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Portugal, South Africa, Spain and Sweden. I’m not suggesting all men have to explore sexuality with other men to expand their horizons, but open-mindedness in general is the key to extending their perception beyond the boxes and boundaries of fear and misunderstanding that govern the vast majority of men’s ideas around monogamy, sex and relationships in general. Open your mind!

Furthermore, transphobia, queerphobia and gender fluidity discussions are more widespread and mainstream than they have ever been. Jared Leto just won a fuckin’ Best Supporting Actor Oscar for playing a transgendered woman in Dallas Buyers Club, a movie where Matthew McConaughey also won Best Leading Actor Oscar for playing a man dying with AIDS. This was nominated alongside a movie called Her with Joaquin Phoenix, directed by Spike Jonze, where the protagonist developed an intimate, emotional relationship with his computer’s operating system and all its associated technological accessories. We live in a world where sexuality is beginning to be perceived in all kinds of intriguing and open-minded ways, compared to previous eras of masculinity. Why?

Because certain segments of society are finally starting to completely comprehend, co-exist with, and accept on the most basic level that gay men are NOT weak men, and that men – who do not dream of being high school quarterbacks, basketball superstars, hockey thugs or brawling bruisers who love to box and spar in back alleys and bars on the weekends – are still men. Guys who don’t want to become soldiers and kill for their country are still men. Guys who want to wear makeup are still men. Guys who want to wear fishnet stockings and paint their nails fluorescent turquoise are still men. Guys who want their girlfriends to fuck them in the ass with a strap-on dildo while they wear a latex harness and get their nipples clamped are still men! Hell, they don’t even have to call themselves men. No matter what pronoun they apply to themselves, they are still worthy of your utmost respect and perception of equality.

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The main idea I’d like to offer here is: man is not destined to become a volatile violent beast with semi-restrainable patriarchal impulses to enslave and possess women, property and financial assets of all kinds. It’s 2014, and being a man means you can be sensitive. You can be soft. You can be generous. You can be kind. You can be easy-going. You can explore what it means to find your gentle voice. You can explore what it feels like to wear women’s clothing if you are curious. You can explore having multiple partners, whether they are women, men or trans, and you can explore being friends, lovers, or friends with secret connections with them.

And none of this makes you a weaker man. It only makes you a wiser man. With a deeper heart and a higher mind. Whether you choose to share any of your sexual experiences is your own decision, and you eternally have the autonomous option to keep whatever you want private to yourself, whether heterosexual, homosexual or omnisexual. But I encourage all boys, guys, dudes, brothers, and men to stand up for their desires, dreams and self-development as compassionate and completely whole human beings, and explore the expanse of the infinitely mysterious universe dwelling deep inside their soul!

The tragic alternative remains in curious questions like: how many men will die without ever feeling the sensation of the activation of the male G-spot in the anus? How many men will never enjoy the camaraderie of another man’s comforting arms because they are too homophobic to hug another man? How many men will fear to cry because their friends will call them weak? All that is just the beginning…

Man up, and explore your entire identity: the inner woman, man, and genderless energy of life. You never know what wonderful surprises you will find inside your super powerful body!

In love,
Addi Stewart

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