Women’s Sexual Freedom: Fight the Good Fight!

A MESSAGE to MODERN WOMEN: A Step In Revolution

It’s just a suggestion… but I genuinely do suggest this: Start fighting.

Start fighting for your freedoms. Feminism certainly isn’t finished fighting for its equality! Gloria Steinem, bell hooks, Germaine Greer, Toni Morrison, Simone de Beauvoir and many other women of such esteemed power and grace took a good chunk out of the goliath that is Uncle Sam’s greedy sexist circus of brutality (aka the patriarchal capitalist enslavement mechanism phenomenon of western “civilization”), but it’s still not dead. Hilary Clinton may have almost achieved Presidential status, but we aren’t all equal yet. Women still aren’t paid equally in the workforce, and women still are invited to join the workforce, forever complicating the choice to be stay-at-home mothers or employees/bosses. And all of this is compounded by the insidious double standard of psychopathic sexuality that permeates almost every intimate interaction in the modern age, from the youngest girl entering into precious puberty all the way to the so-called “MILF”/”cougar”/older woman status phase, if not beyond: aka curse of the Madonna/Whore complex.

You know the one: the insanely idiotic idea that a man who has 5 sexual partners in a month is to be celebrated, while a woman who has 5 sexual partners in a month is to be shamed. This double standard, while slightly loosening through the valiant efforts of a few independent warrior women, is still firmly locked into the fabric of dating culture, engagement culture and marriage culture, where the judgement of a woman’s virtue and execution of marriage is the standard that her value as a human worthy of respect is weighed by her peers, both men and women.

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Admittedly, we are in the early stages of the recreation of a new age, where polyamory, BDSM culture, modern amateur independent internet pornography and liberated intelligence fights and rejects all notions of archaic Christian shame and other religious misunderstandings and disrespect of the body and the erotic actions that the body is allowed to choose. Women bore the brunt of Christianity’s criticism of sex and scorn of the skin, as “the original sin” was blamed on Eve, and ever since, women from the Middle Ages and past have been struggling to escape the savagery of men (and a few self-righteous women) who judge a woman’s physical and sexual freedom to be a fatal flaw that should be controlled and contained. This has to be fought. Every woman has to unite on some common ground around this personal empowerment issue.

Evan Rachel Wood recently filmed the movie Charlie Countryman, where her character received oral sex on a plane from Shia LeBoeuf. And the Hollywood Censorship Board of America decided to delete that scene, yet keep a scene involving some other violent exchange between people in the movie. She spoke out against the film board, demanding that women be seen as autonomous sexual beings capable of determining their own destiny, whether in bed or out of it, and that a scene depicting a woman as the recipient of her own desired sexual satisfaction should not be considered more of a crime than a bloody violent act of aggression and physical damage.

Women who want to have multiple partners should not be pressured to uphold some purity myth or risk being scarlet lettered and insidiously scathed by her “Feminine Mafia”, the personal private circle of women peers who do their best to protect each other from the madness of greedy men, sometimes far too closely. A woman’s so-called “market value” aka her precious reputation will suffer if she is judged and slut-shamed by other women and by men for “giving it up too easy”, but how many women in the world have silently LOST power by not choosing to do what she consensually desired because she feared being judged “a slut” by her own friends? Even though far too many men judge female sexual agency with immature scorn, this crime is committed by women to women far more often than most women ever want to admit. The so-called “slut” may enjoy some fun Friday nights that other girls have never known, but she will also know the sickening stress of receiving hate mail and death threats that the Duke University porn star Belle Knox felt, a girl who was outed by a vengeful privacy-destroying member of her campus, when they discovered she was an adult film actress. This tragic tale has been told time and time again, and there is really only one realistic way to responsibly end it: FIGHT BACK.

Fuck whoever you want and fight anyone who has a problem with it. Fuck two guys in one night, and if you want to tell your girlfriends, tell them. Fuck nobody for a year. Or fuck a new partner every night for a year! (But be safe about it, please! And have fun. Write a book if you want, dammit!) Anyone who calls you a “whore”, reply to them: “you’re just fuckin jealous!” Because, deep down inside: a part of them most definitely is. Anyone who is satisfied with their sex life really should have no reason to judge anyone else’s, and therefore won’t be calling anyone else “sluts” or “whores” or anything negative because they see themselves in that “slut” aka that person expressing and enjoying their natural birthright to fuck whoever they want in a consensual sexual situation. This simple truth must be fought for at all costs, by all women, at all times!

And anything opposing it must also be fought. Ignoring the ignorance never ended the slut-shaming. It will only die when it faces the scrutiny of the truth: GOOD SEX IS GOOD FOR ALL!

Fight for your right to fuck, woman! I’m fighting the good fight with you.

In love,
Addi Stewart

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