We Are All Poly Superheroes

We are all superheroes, I swear to the Panther God Bast and the King of Comics aka the God Stan Lee (may his sacred soul rest in peace). But in being a superhero, there is always a weakness that super villains exploit and rule us with, and our mission in life is to help as many hearts as we can before we vanish into the sunset from whence we came.

Being poly is totally like being a mutant in this society. When one finds their mutant powers, they do their best to conceal it and still use it to their advantage. Not many of us can be free with our poly powers, and when we are, we look like rogues like Magneto and Mystique.

It’s a fun and challenging place to be. The hardest part for me is being powerful but also weak… because even Superman has a weakness. My poly kryptonite is long-distance relationships. They kill me every time. It’s so hard to maintain my consistency with people who I am not in physical proximity to.

Your poly kryptonite could be sex clubs. Or bars and dance floors. Or telling others about your primary partner. Or finding a same-sex partner. Or wearing condoms with all your lovers. Or calling someone on the phone enough to make them feel secure. Or scheduling enough time with lovers for them to feel safe. Or not giving away too much of yourself… that’s a big one.

Anyways, the list is endless because the powers of possibility are endless.

It’s not really like you can eliminate your weakness completely, but Superman did gain more strength from exposure to kryptonite over time. I can use Skype, make more phone calls, or take trips.

There are solutions to every problem. Poly is the solution to the painful villainy of monogamy.

Excelsior to your erotic excellence, my friendly neighborhood superheroes!

Addi Stewart

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